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March 9, 2009

BT Launches IVPN service for large organisations

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BT Launches IVPN service for large organisations

New 21CN service available for global enterprise customers

BT today announced the launch of its BT Intelligent Virtual Private Network (iVPN) service in 172 countries, allowing global organisations to better manage and improve the performance of their IT network and business applications, and reduce technical and operational costs.

The development of BT iVPN was made possible by BT’s investment in its 21st Century Network (21CN) global platform. 21CN is BT’s global, software driven customer network platform that introduces a new, simpler portfolio of next generation services.

With BT iVPN, businesses can:

 Reduce their technical running costs and improve productivity, by managing and prioritising traffic over their IT network across the world, running mail, voice, video and other business applications more efficiently and ultimately maximising return on investment.
 Drive operational cost savings through faster implementation, fewer manual interventions, less interruption to service, and with local support in local language.
 Have increased confidence in a secure and resilient service, offering better network availability, automated delivery assurance, real time reporting, plus proactive and automated incident notification - giving control and flexibility to users.

Following trials with customers in the industrial and financial services industries, BT is combining iVPN with other BT services such as internet based access, application optimisation, voice management, video conferencing, unified communications, data centres, call centres, security and mobility, working alongside customers to build solutions that unlock value across their business.

Neil Sutton, vice president of Global Propositions and Capabilities, BT Global Services, said: “BT’s goal is to improve efficiency, value and customer experience for customers across all our services. The launch of BT iVPN is a significant step towards achieving this, building on the strength of our award winning global multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) service. Organisations look for a trusted provider with a track record of reliable service to provide their networked services. BT was ranked first for customer satisfaction with global data VPN providers in a September 2008 Telemark survey of 700 customers. The launch of BT iVPN demonstrates our commitment to provide an innovative portfolio of solutions, and our commitment to improve our customer’s experience”.

The launch of BT iVPN has been favourably commented by industry analysts. Sandra O´Boyle, Research Director, Business Telecom Services Europe at Current Analysis said: “BT iVPN is on the right track in terms of improving MPLS VPN service delivery, local language support and providing site to site SLAs across regions for BT’s global customers. For customers this translates into tangible benefits such as more accurate billing, faster provisioning times and resolution of any site performance issues.”

The benefits of BT’s IVPN, and the relationship with BT have been summarised by Norbert Kuddes, IS Technical Development Manager, Duni AB as follows:

“We needed a trusted partner with high performance services and excellent customer support to outsource our communication requirements to. With BT we got all of that. The recent improvements BT made which have resulted in the new iVPN, allow us to concentrate on our core business”.

Duni is Europe’s leading operator for table-setting and take-away packaging, the Duni brand is sold in more than 40 markets and enjoys a number one position in Central and Northern Europe.

For more information on BT iVPN please visit


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BT today announced the appointment of Susanne Ruoff as Chief Executive Officer of BT Switzerland. She will join BT on April 1st, 2009.

In her new role, Ms. Ruoff will be in charge of BT’s operations in Switzerland, serving the needs of multinational companies and organisations headquartered in the country. BT has been present on the Swiss market since 1989, with offices in Zurich, Geneva, Bern and Lausanne.

Ms. Ruoff joins BT from IBM, where she held a variety of sales and management positions in different areas since first joining the company in 1990. During the past three years, she was Director of Global Technology Services, which includes strategic outsourcing, infrastructure technology services and maintenance services. She was also member of the executive board of IBM Switzerland.

“Susanne brings fresh ideas to our operations in Switzerland during these challenging times. With her extensive experience in outsourcing and support of large, complex projects, she is ideally positioned to help us further succeed with our business there,” said Olivier Campenon, BT President, E*MEA. “Through her deep knowledge of the Swiss market, she will be able to strengthen BT’s position of a leading provider of networked IT services, already demonstrated in the financial sector, pharmaceutical, chemical and logistics industries.”

Ms. Ruoff holds an Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Telecommunications from the University of Fribourg. She also graduated as Client Executive from INSEAD.

“I am very enthusiastic and excited about this opportunity to work with customers and partners to expand BT’s existing operations in Switzerland. With my broad experience in the service industry, my knowledge of the local market and my new team, I will be in a strong position to deliver high level of service to customers,” said Ms. Ruoff.

Prime Minster launches regional apprenticeship scheme at BT’s Adastral Park

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Prime Minster launches regional apprenticeship scheme at BT’s Adastral Park
Adastral Park

The Prime Minister, Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP, today launched a local apprenticeship scheme designed to give young people a step up the career ladder, during a visit to BT Adastral Park in Martlesham Heath, Suffolk.

Launched during National Apprenticeship Week, the Federated Apprenticeship Scheme will offer young adults employed by small medium enterprises (SMEs) in the East of England, the chance to achieve a qualification in the broad area of information communication technology (ICT).
Innovation for the Digital Economic Age (IDEA), a new organisation formed to collaborate on learning and skills development in the Eastern region, is made up of Suffolk New College, the University of East Anglia, the University of Essex, University Campus Suffolk, University College London and BT, and is making available 30 apprenticeship places for the new Federated Apprenticeship Course. The intention is to carry out a trial phase of the scheme in the 09/10 academic year with Suffolk New College.

The apprentices will benefit from acquiring a wide range of business-relevant ICT skills, as well as improving their potential employability. The scheme will be open to apprentices aged 19+ from a broad range of small businesses that use information technology (IT) to differentiate their business, use IT to help run their business and that help and advise other SMEs on the use of IT systems within or for their respective business.

The Prime Minister, Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP said: “Apprenticeships bring so many benefits to everyone involved: they are an effective way for businesses to obtain the right skills to get them through the economic downturn, and offer a hand-picked, motivated workforce. But they are also a way for keen and hard working young people to develop their skills and experience, in a work place environment, which will prepare and equip them for a fulfilling career.

“This scheme shows how companies working together with government can find solutions to their skills needs and develop real opportunities for young people around them. By working together, we can make ourselves both more resilient to the downturn, and ensure we are ahead of the game when the upturn comes.”

Sir Michael Rake, BT’s chairman and also chairman of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills said: “in these uncertain times it is crucial that companies and their employees absolutely maximise their respective potential and this scheme is designed to help both achieve just that. Young people have a great deal to offer the economy and BT is wholly committed to equipping apprentices with the necessary tools to thrive in the innovation age”.

Pat Hughes, Education Strategy & Engagement at BT said “technology offers small businesses enormous opportunities to increase their competitiveness and potentially cut down on costs and improve ways of working. This scheme will enable apprentices to take those skills back to the workplace, and that can potentially bring enormous benefits to small business - at a time when they really need it”.

The launch took place during The Prime Minister’s visit to Suffolk to launch the Real Help Now campaign. The document outlines the support available for people and business during the downturn from a series of national and regional partners. He was accompanied by Regional Minister Barbara Follett.

Notes for Editors’:
Formation of IDEA

In the Eastern region many SMEs have yet to exploit the benefits that ICT can bring to their business. Recent research suggests that only 58% of businesses are confident that their staff have the knowledge to develop the ICT capabilities their business requires and that scarcity of appropriately skilled personnel may be a serious threat to the region’s businesses and economy. Significant growth in the number of skilled people who understand how digital technologies can be applied most effectively to improve customer service, business productivity and business efficiency, is needed

To help address these issues a new organisation has been formed to collaborate on learning and skills development in the Eastern region

The organisation is Innovation for the Digital Economic Age (IDEA) and is formed of the following partners; Suffolk New College, the University of East Anglia, the University of Essex, University Campus Suffolk, University College London and BT. BT will provide industry insight to the academic partners, tapping into its world-leading research and innovation capability

The objectives of IDEA are to:
• Promote education and help expand knowledge and skills in ICT
• Develop and promote professional training in ICT
• Develop and promote a framework in which workplace learning and development builds towards a recognised academic accreditation or qualification in the ICT sector
• Develop and promote courses and training aimed at companies and individuals integrating face-to-face learning with innovative ‘employer friendly’ approaches to delivery and blended learning
• Develop and establish a network academic and other institutions in the field of ICT learning and skills the first such institution being set up in the East of England at BT Adastral Park as part of InnovationMartlesham
• Identify and assess the training needs of ICT professionals at various levels and stages in their development.

Federated Apprenticeship Scheme

• IDEA, supported by funding from the Regional Learning & Skills Council (LSC), are developing a trial of the Federated Apprenticeship Scheme to offer young adults employed by SMEs the opportunity to access an enhanced qualification framework in the broad area of ICT

Adastral Park

BT Adastral Park in Martlesham Heath, Suffolk has a 40-year history of innovation in ICT.

Pioneering research and development is undertaken at the site. Fibre optic cables and the first digital telephone exchanges were developed here.

In 1999 the centre was relaunched as Adastral Park and other companies started to join BT in an exciting environment for business, education and skills.

The site supports around 4,000 jobs and brings more than £800 million into the local economy each year.
BT is committed to helping develop skills in the expanding discipline of ICT in the region to sustain the growth of ICT companies.

In 2008 InnovationMartlesham was launched as a joint initiative between BT and the East of England Development Agency (EEDA) to encourage ICT businesses to set up at Adastral Park. Ten companies are now resident. One of the first was Debug Design, a creative company providing digital graphic solutions for print and the web. The latest is Cognizant, a technology solutions company.

Adastral Park is an ideal location for these businesses as it offers a secure campus with the advantage of the on-site facilities of one of the leading centres of technical innovation in the communication world

To further this opportunity, BT has engaged leading planners and urban designers to help develop a sustainable masterplan vision for the future of the site. This will create new jobs and develop new homes in a unique sustainable fashion – a commercial and residential development combined with green spaces, education, leisure and a full mix of different land uses
The plan supports some 2,000 new jobs alongside up to 2,000 high quality new homes. If approved, the proposals would take approximately 10-15 years to develop. It is a large scale undertaking and would be phased to ensure that new development was brought forward in step with demand

BT & apprenticeships

BT understands that apprenticeships make business sense and continues to work with supply chain partners and customers to help them realise how apprenticeships can help their businesses

BT has 1150 apprentices, which will grow to 1230 by September 2009. 8,000 applications were received for 350 jobs this year

In partnership with training provider, Accenture Learning, the range of apprenticeship frameworks on offer has been expanded from four to 11 over the past year.

BT launches Unified Communications Planning and Assessment Services In U.S. and Canada

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BT launches Unified Communications Planning and Assessment Services In U.S. and Canada

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – BT (NYSE: BT) today announced the availability in the U.S. and Canada markets of a comprehensive new family of consulting services designed to help organizations cut through the hype surrounding unified communications and collaboration (UCC) and develop a highly customized UCC strategy that best suits their business needs.

While most organizations recognize that today’s communication and collaboration technology can offer business benefit, BT’s UCC Strategic Planning and Assessment services help companies develop actionable UCC plans that are aligned with their business strategies and objectives.

UCC Strategic Planning and Assessment services are based on BT’s expertise in business consulting combined with its UCC technology experience. BT’s holistic approach takes into account three key focus areas:

* Business processes: what processes are unique to an industry and organization, and how can they be improved through UCC?
* Work environments: how can UCC create better work environments?
* Cost reduction: how can UCC reduce information technology and communications costs?

Four services under the UCC Strategic Planning and Assessment umbrella can be applied individually or as a single, effective package of services. They include:

* UCC Strategic Planning: BT’s business consultant work to develop a UCC strategy and roadmap specifically tailored to an organization’s business goals
* UCC Business Case: BT assists in developing a business case focusing on defining the business benefits of an organization’s UCC strategy, with a recommended implementation approach
* UCC ROI: BT develops a return on investment calculation for specific UCC decisions that includes hard savings and soft, productivity-related savings
* UCC Infrastructure Gap Analysis: BT studies an organization’s existing technology environment to assess readiness for implementation of UCC capabilities. This helps in making informed decisions about tactical implementation plans.

Michael Boustridge, President of BT Americas and Asia Pacific, said: “In these difficult economic times, organizations need to be more targeted than ever when investing in technology. BT’s UCC Strategic Planning and Assessment services are designed to help companies make informed decisions that are right for their unique needs.”
To learn more about BT’s UCC Strategic Planning and Assessment services, visit

BT launches Engage Meeting Manager 2.0

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BT launches Engage Meeting Manager 2.0

Simplified and efficient tool to help customers make the most out of video conferencing

BT today announced the release of Engage Meeting Manager 2.0, an advanced version of BT Conferencing’s powerful web-based scheduling and automation tool. New features are designed to make reservations faster and easier through an intuitive conference wizard, meeting templates, custom directories, B2B scheduling, iCal integration and user interface improvements.

“BT Conferencing understands that customers with limited CapEx need to make full use of existing equipment as they refresh older units,” says Bob Seidel, Vice President of Product Marketing & Sales Operations for BT Conferencing’s Video Business Unit. “Engage Meeting Manager is the only single-interface tool in the industry that schedules and automates launch of Polycom, TANDBERG, LifeSize, Cisco TelePresence, and other systems together in the same call. It supports older systems, newer systems, IP, ISDN, standard definition and high definition and behind the scenes, the system has features like Least Cost Routing that address network savings. Customers are also offered dozens of performance and usage reports that can guide optimal video conferencing decisions. It really brings it all together and makes it easy to use.”

“In today’s economy, companies are considering video conferencing as an alternative to travel. They are also keeping close tabs on their expenditures so Engage Meeting Manager makes perfect sense. As a hosted web-based tool, there is no hardware or software licenses to purchase and support. Other enterprise management solutions can cost well over $10,000 before staffing and lifecycle costs,” notes Jeff Prestel, General Manager of BT Conferencing’s Video Business Unit. “And they don’t provide the flexibility and ease of use offered by Engage Meeting Manager.”

Engage Meeting Manager 2.0 is available to all BT Conferencing video customers, whether the customer utilizes BT multi-tenant bridges or their own managed bridging infrastructure. Multi-tenant customers can use Engage Meeting Manager without incurring additional fees and are able to utilize BT Conferencing’s multi-tenant bridging at rates that start as low as $0.25 per minute per site for calls scheduled and auto-launched with the tool. Managed Services customers pay a low annual fee for Engage Meeting Manager and are able to schedule unlimited automated call launches.

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BT Professional Services helps businesses think smart with Quick Start

Despite the current economy dampening corporate spending, BT has seen a tenfold rise in business customers adopting green working practices and three times more companies moving to flexible working, through its Quick Start programme.

Since October, consultants at BT Global Services’ professional services unit have seen a three-fold increase in multinational businesses using its Work Anywhere Quick Start package, which provides companies with consultancy on the best processes, technology and working practices to adopt when it comes to employees working more flexibly.

Showing that environmentally friendly working practices can save business money by reducing energy consumption, BT Professional Services has also seen a tenfold increase in the take-up of its Carbon Impact Assessment Quick Start since October. BT’s Carbon Impact Assessment - which audits an organisation’s carbon emission levels and models how they can cut costs by reducing energy consumption - has seen significant uptake, particularly in the security and defence sectors, which are facing pressures from central government to reduce carbon emissions.

A recent engagement initiated by a Carbon Impact Quick Start by BT Professional Services’ sustainability consultants found that one government organisation could dramatically reduce its carbon emissions whilst saving tax payers £3 million, if it switched to a thin-client computing system and green data centres.

“Organisations are embracing new ways of working and becoming environmentally friendly, even during these challenging economic times, or perhaps as a result of them,” said Emer Timmons, President Global Professional Services.

“The increasing adoption of flexible working practices, for instance, is resulting from companies looking to reduce travel and office costs whilst at the same time ensuring compliance with regulatory needs such as the European Working Time Directive,” she added.

BT Professional Services’ Quick Starts are a series of short, focused assessments, in areas including security, sustainability, flexible working, collaboration and unified communications – providing companies with a high-level business case for change that addresses the financial, behavioural and political dimensions of adopting new working practices.

“Not all customers, at the moment, are looking for long-term commitments with a large financial implication, such as transformational programmes. Instead they are looking for speedy assistance providing tangible results, and this is where our Quick Start programme can help,” said Emer Timmons.

BT Professional Services launched its Quick Start programme in 2008, to ensure that public and private sector organizations around the world have quick access to BT Global Services’ 10,000-plus consultants. Quick Starts’ have now been adopted by businesses in the oil and gas, pharmaceutical, financial services and retail sectors, as well as by government organisations worldwide. They have also spread beyond security to cover ten topics including operational efficiency, risk and compliance management and business continuity.

“The new Work Anywhere Quick Start service provides customers with a well-structured methodology, with which to delve into the complex issues that relate to flexibility and mobility,” said Kathryn Weldon, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Mobility at Current Analysis. “Many companies have been throwing together solutions to allow mobile access without first analysing all the implications from a workflow or organisational perspective.”

BT to provide telepresence services to SWIFT

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BT to provide telepresence services to SWIFT

Three-year managed services contract brings SWIFT operational efficiency and supports environmentally friendly business practice

BT announced today the signature of a three-year managed services contract with SWIFT, the financial messaging provider for more than 8,600 institutions. Under the terms of the agreement, BT will provide its Unified Communications Video solution which connects strategic offices spread across Europe, the US and Asia. The solution, which includes five Cisco TelePresence™ units, brings SWIFT an immersive meeting experience, reduces travel costs and supports their environmentally responsible business practice. The units will be connected via SWIFT’s own mission-critical backbone, which enables its users to exchange automated, standardised financial information securely and reliably 24/7.

“We were attracted to BT’s complete service offering”, said Francis Vanbever, CFO SWIFT. “Based on our existing relationship with BT, we are confident that we have chosen the right conferencing partner. Cisco TelePresence technology helps our teams across the globe to interact and collaborate as if they were in the same room. It brings us numerous advantages in the areas of efficiency, cost-control and carbon emission reduction.”

Bas Burger, CEO BT Benelux, said: “By choosing BT as their global telepresence service provider, SWIFT receives a complete managed services wrap complemented by BT Conferencing, delivering reliable, robust and innovative conferencing services and devices.”

General Manager Cisco Belux Pol Vanbiervliet, added: “Non-verbal cues from body language to eye contact help build confidence and trust. However, they can be lost when using traditional video conferencing systems. With ultra-high definition displays and advanced audio, Cisco TelePresence preserves the attributes of an ‘in-person’ meeting.”

The contract entails the implementation of five systems, supporting equipment and software. Furthermore, BT will provide managed services, such as the OneCare Plus Service and Concierge services, which include 24/7 helpdesk support and on-site maintenance, pro-active system monitoring and remote diagnostics.

Tesco Mobile launches Credit Crunch Contract Deal

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Tesco Mobile launches Credit Crunch Contract Deal

Consumers spend £10 and get £40 of credit back

Tesco Mobile has launched a credit crunch buster of a tariff, responding to the many people concerned about their financial outgoings in the current economic climate.

The new SIM-only tariff is a £10 pay monthly deal which will help mobile users who want to stay on a contract but have a bit less money to spend at the moment.

Customers get quadruple credit with the new deal which equates to £40 of flexible credit to use how they like, when they spend £10 a month.

This amount of credit provides up to 400 minutes of calls or 800 texts a month*.

Additionally, it is a rolling one month contract – so customers are not tied into a 12 or 18 month contract.

The deal is the only £10 contract offering available in Tesco stores and means consumers can bypass contract commitment and high costs at a time when they want flexibility.

Research from OFCOM highlights that the average monthly cost of a mobile phone contract is £33.06 and that 40% of mobile phone users say they don’t use all their minutes each month**.

Lance Batchelor, Chief Executive Officer of Tesco Mobile and Tesco Telecoms said:

“We know that people see their mobiles as a necessity and won’t give them up for anything.”

“With this new tariff we’re helping customers who want to keep on calling and texting as much as they used to but
need to spend a bit less.”

Customers simply need to pick up a SIM pack from store, online at or by calling 0845 301 4455.

Tesco Mobile celebrates anniversary with two major launches

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Tesco Mobile celebrates anniversary with two major launches

* New Pay Monthly service launched
* Innovative Pay as you go tariff announced
* Flexible credit rewards for all

Tesco Mobile today announces a move to broaden its appeal to millions of Tesco shoppers with the launch of its first ever Pay Monthly service and a brand new flat rate Pay as you go tariff.

The new services offer customers radical alternatives to other tariffs available, providing flexible credit for customers to spend as they choose on calls, texts and browsing 1.

Both tariffs also offer customers the same flat rates for calls and texts, half price calls and texts to five favourite numbers and 3 Clubcard points for every £1 spent on credit.

Tesco Mobile Pay Monthly

With Tesco Mobile’s new contract offering, a customer paying £15 per month, for example, will receive a bonus of £45, giving them a total of £60 credit.

With just a one month pay monthly contract, the tariff offers maximum flexibility.

Tesco Mobile Pay as you go

With Tesco Mobile Pay as you go, a customer spending £15 a month on top-up, for example, will receive a bonus of £30 free airtime, giving them a total of £45 in credit to spend as they choose.

Customers are free to move between tariffs as their phone use changes. Research carried out for Tesco Mobile shows that despite the tough economic climate, consumers see mobile phone use as essential, and aren’t cutting back on their calls. Allowing customers to swap between Pay Monthly and Pay as you go allows will give them maximum control of their budget.

Lance Batchelor, Chief Executive Officer of Tesco Mobile said:

“We believe that we now have the most flexible and the easiest to use tariffs in the market and are truly a genuine mobile choice for all.

“As a retailer, we know how people like to shop for their mobiles and with the launch of our first every pay monthly service and our new pay as you go tariff, we plan to be the number one choice for consumers by focusing on simplicity and great prices.

“Tesco Mobile’s success is based on listening to feedback from our customers. We aren’t going to force them to pick and choose from a huge number of complicated tariffs or limit them with bundles of calls and texts.

“We are simply going to give our customers unbeatable rewards of flexible credit which makes us a serious alternative to the traditional networks.”

Tesco Mobile Launches New Tariff

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Tesco Mobile Launches New Tariff

* One easy to understand pay-as-you-go tariff
* Half price calls and texts to five favourite numbers - 10p per minute calls and 5p texts to 5 favourite numbers
* 150 free bonus minutes or 500 free bonus texts when you top up £15 in any month, in addition to top-up

Tesco Mobile today announces the launch of an inflation-busting pay-as-you-go tariff, offering half-price calls and texts to five favourite friends. Existing Tesco Mobile customers make 80% of their calls to five numbers, so this means that they will pay just 10p per minute for most of their calls, and 5p for most of the texts they send. Other calls will cost 20p per minute and texts will be 10p each.

The new tariff replaces the four existing call plans, in a bid to make life simpler for customers. However, existing customers can choose to remain on their current tariff if they wish.

As an additional bonus, customers topping up by £15 or more in any month will receive 150 free minutes or 500 free texts - this is over and above their £15 top-up.

The free texts and call-time can be used to contact any UK mobile or standard fixed landline number, regardless of network or time of day. So users won’t face any restrictions on when they use their bonus time or which networks they call or send texts to, as is the case with some other providers.

The new tariff has been designed with help from customers, who told Tesco Mobile that they wanted simple, relevant benefits that represent real value for money. Listening to its customers has earned Tesco Mobile its prized status as No. 1 Pay as you go Mobile Provider for Customer Satisfaction in the UK.*

Customers will also earn 4 Tesco Clubcard points for every £1 they top up. The points can be redeemed in vouchers for anything from discounts on the weekly shop, to days out with the family at theme parks and attractions, or even Airmiles.

David Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer at Tesco Mobile, comments; “Right now, everyone wants to make their money go further, so we’ve been looking for ways to help our customers save.

While many of us have a long list of contacts in our phones, the reality is that we only call five of them on a very regular basis. Half-price calls to five favourite contacts will make a big difference to the amount customers spend on their phone calls.”

Customers can join Tesco Mobile by visiting their local Tesco store or buying online at Top-ups can be made at checkouts in Tesco stores, over the phone, online or at over 100,000 further locations in the UK that carry the top-up logo.

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