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March 13, 2009

NEC Provides Blog Platform to Telefónica España for their Social Networking Service, “KETEKE”

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NEC Provides Blog Platform to Telefónica España for their Social Networking Service, “KETEKE”

Tokyo, March 12, 2009 — NEC Corporation announced today that its subsidiary NEC Ibérica has provided Telefonica España (Headquarters: Madrid) with a blog platform for their SNS service, “KETEKE,” which includes blogging and “Contenedor Multimedia” where registered SNS users may share photos and videos, in addition to a calendar where users may check and coordinate one another’s schedules.

KETEKE is a Spanish social network, aimed primarily at young people, in which “Contenedor Multimedia” allows registered users to share multimedia content in the form of photos and videos with unlimited capacity, write a diary on their blog or send messages to friends. These functions are not only available through the computer and mobile phone, but through the television service “Imagenio” as well. Accordingly, access is immediate and users can interact with friends without delay. NEC‘s blog platform is designed based on a blogging product from Japan that has been adapted successfully to the needs of Telefónica

These services and systems were supplied through NEC’s VAS center in Spain, and according to Mr. Jaime Serrano, General Manager of NEC Ibérica, “NEC plans to capitalize on the center to provide customers with the latest advanced services and secure the company’s leading position in the mobile Internet market.”

NEC’s Mobile WiMAX for Thailand’s Crown Prince Hospital Foundation

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NEC’s Mobile WiMAX for Thailand’s Crown Prince Hospital Foundation

Tokyo, March 4, 2009 - NEC Corporation announced today that its Mobile WiMAX pilot system for Thailand’s Crown Prince Hospital Foundation has begun operation. The contract was awarded to NEC in August 2008 to set up a WiMAX network between Chiang Khong Crown Prince Hospital, a large community hospital located in the country’s northern region, and its affiliated primary care units (PCU).

Thailand’s broadband communications infrastructure is currently undergoing expansion, but the vast majority of growth is concentrated in the Bangkok metropolitan area. As efforts to promote broadband expansion outside of Bangkok progress, expectations for WiMAX wireless broadband infrastructure is also on the rise. In January 2008 trial licenses were issued to 12 communications carriers in order to introduce WiMAX service nationwide. Early indications show that despite regional constraints and usage limitations, demand for WiMAX access, beyond large scale services, currently exists. NEC regards its WiMAX services for Chiang Khong medical care as part of the expansion of local demand.

The Chiang Khong Crown Prince hospital WiMAX services provide wireless broadband communications to locations within a maximum of five kilometers, which currently includes three affiliated PCUs, and expands communications beyond fixed analog telephone lines to include new video and TV phone services that can assist with remote medical consultation.

Patients that were formerly limited to visiting only major hospitals for certain treatments will now be able to receive quality care from the convenience of a local clinic. Furthermore, the efficiency of daily medical care will also improve by granting doctors access to high speed transmission for large capacity data, including images and information forwarded from PCUs for consultation.

The project’s cost-effectiveness will be evaluated after one year of operation to explore the possibility of expanding the WiMAX system to cover all 20 Crown Prince Hospitals throughout the country. NEC will monitor the success of Chiang Khong’s remote medical care system in order to determine the best way to introduce new WiMAX services to other Foundation affiliates.

NEC security components enable agile and secure inter-enterprise relationships

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NEC security components enable agile and secure inter-enterprise relationships

NEC Europe, 4 March, 2009: NEC’s identity and access management components for distributed IT systems have played a core part in the service architectures developed in the EU projects SIMDAT, which aids problem solving environments by leveraging Grid services, and @neurIST, a data management system that will have a major impact on the diagnosis and treatment of complex and multi-factorial diseases.

NEC’s identity and access technologies are being used in the projects to enable both the agile and secure establishment and maintenance of contract-based business relationships across enterprise boundaries in SOA-based IT systems, such as complex supply-chain management workflows including several distinct organisations. As SOA-based IT systems are increasingly used, combining services securely is an issue. NEC’s security components were successfully demonstrated at the final review of the SIMDAT project held in Leuven, Belgium, on November 14th, 2008 and are further enhanced as well as evaluated within the @neurIST project, for which results are expected in the first half of 2009.

Over the last three years, NEC Laboratories Europe has developed identity and access management components for the SIMDAT and @neurIST prototypes. The main features of these components include the efficient management of cross-domain relationships, and effective enforcement of distributed access policies adopting innovative claim-based security models. The software is based solely on open Web Service*** standards allowing the seamless integration of the modules into existing environments, thus coping with well-established legacy systems like corporate user management infrastructures.

The identity and access management components can be divided into two categories. The NEC Distributed Access Control (DAC) system manages and enforces distributed access policies in cross-domain environments. It provides a generic and flexible attribute-based access control framework allowing one to plug-in various access control standards and technologies. Prominent examples are XACML**** and Access Control Lists (ACL).

The NEC Relationship Manager complements the NEC DAC system by providing the means to set up and manage cross-domain relationships without requiring any centralized component. Each participating institution manages their own relationships and local resources independently, thus keeping full control over their own resources. With the adoption of claim-based security models, delegation mechanisms are inherent.

Dr. Guy Lonsdale, General Manager of the IT Research Division of NEC Laboratories Europe in Sankt Augustin, Germany, says: “Distributed SOA-based IT systems are key for future businesses especially in the era of the Service Web. Security is fundamental to the success of SOA and as a consequence true implementation of IT to support business processes.”

Dr. Lonsdale continues: “The successful evaluation within European projects and the unique abilities in respect to the efficient and effective management of cross-domain relationships and relationship-specific policies are fundamental for building and supporting future collaboration patterns.

NEC Laboratories Europe has been engaged in R&D related to distributed secure cross-domain enterprise information systems for almost a decade and we are delighted to have been part of this EU project.”

SIMDAT The European project SIMDAT takes industrial product and process development forward by introducing advanced Grid technology in the automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical and meteorological verticals. The results of SIMDAT will facilitate the transition of other industrial areas to Grid technologies. For additional information, please visit the project’s home page at:

**@neurIST The European project @neurIST (‘Integrated Biomedical Informatics for the Management of Cerebral Aneurysms’) aims to create an IT infrastructure for the management of all processes linked to research, diagnosis and treatment development for complex and multi-factorial diseases; the IT infrastructure will be developed for one such disease, cerebral aneurysms. For additional information, please visit the project’s home page at:

***Web Services are a set of specifications designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network. Web services can be accessed over a network, such as the Internet, and executed on a remote system hosting the requested services.

****XACML stands for eXtensible Access Control Markup Language. It is a declarative access control policy language implemented in XML and a processing model, describing how to interpret the policies. It is standardized within the OASIS standards organization. For additional information, please visit the OASIS XACML committee home page at:

NEC Philips Unified Solutions appointed Alcatel-Lucent Application partner for IP DECT Mobility solutions

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NEC Philips Unified Solutions appointed Alcatel-Lucent Application partner for IP DECT Mobility solutions

NEC Philips Unified Solutions (NEC Philips) has been appointed Alcatel-Lucent’s Application partner for IP DECT Mobility solutions, as announced at the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Forum held in Paris from 3 to 5 March 2009.

By this appointment NEC Philips becomes Alcatel-Lucent’s preferred partner for IP DECT Mobility solutions. Alcatel-Lucent channels and customers can now take full advantage of NEC Philips’ IP DECT Mobility solutions in combination with Alcatel’s OmniPCX enterprise communication platform.

One of the key drivers for Alcatel-Lucent to select NEC Philips is the wide product range NEC Philips offers, including terminals to suit every customer need and support of all frequency ranges used in EMEA, the USA and Asia Pacific. The handsets automatically adapt to the frequency that’s being used by the base station, while NEC Philips’ dual band solution is a unique offering in the market that is in great demand in the cruise line industry.

Jean-Paul Maas, Sales Director Mobility solutions at NEC Philips Unified Solutions states: “We are very pleased with this appointment by Alcatel-Lucent, which is a further recognition of our strong offering in Enterprise Mobility and building on the success of our DECT and IP DECT portfolio. We already provide our Mobility solutions to various other vendors”.

With many companies switching over to a VoIP network, NEC Philips’ Business Mobility IP DECT is a powerful wireless solution that combines the benefits of IP telephony with the qualities and facilities of the well-established DECT technology, including the use of standard DECT handsets. With several hundreds of customers and thousands of end-users worldwide, Business Mobility IP DECT has become a truly proven concept.

Excellent reproduction, precise imaging systems: NEC Display Solutions at ECR 2009

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Excellent reproduction, precise imaging systems: NEC Display Solutions at ECR 2009

Munich, 27th February 2009 – NEC Display Solutions is proud to present its latest display innovations for the medical sector at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) taking place in Vienna (6th – 10th March 2009). About 280 manufacturers in the radiology sector from 100 countries will also be presenting their latest developments at the exhibition attached to Europe’s largest radiology trade event. Appearing at this year’s ECR exhibition, NEC is particularly focussing on its latest innovations in the area of colour displays. From 6th to 9th March at Stand 417, Expo D, the recently announced NEC MD304MC, NEC MD212MC and NEC MD213MC as well as the brand-new NEC MD21M colour display will all be on view, as will other key NEC products. The manufacturer of display systems is perfectly meeting the discernible trend for increasing deployment of colour displays within the field of radiology. For the reproduction of 3D colour images, e.g. for preoperative preparation, the new LCD models guarantee maximum colour fidelity and representation of even the finest details. Due to their precise reproduction – even for monochrome imaging – they are also ideal for radiological diagnoses, for example, as a replacement for purely gray-scale displays.

Whether for use in administration, for training applications, or through to radiological diagnosis, NEC Display Solutions offers imaging solutions for varied deployment across the entire clinical sector. Visitors to the NEC stand at ECR 2009 in Vienna can get a closer picture of the latest developments to be found particularly in the areas of radiological medical diagnosis and medical specialist clinical viewing.

All the exhibited colour displays have been equipped with a high-quality IPS (in-plane switching) panel. This technology offers particularly precise representation when it comes to colour gamut. Its outstanding blackness also means it supports the reproduction of gray-scale images as required for x-ray diagnosis. Another advantage enabling extremely accurate gray-scale representation is the 12-bit gamma correction due to the NEC GammaCompMD client software. This is additionally available for all the other colour displays exhibited at the stand. Storing the data within the display itself avoids decalibration, for example due to a system crash, as calibration isn’t performed using a graphics card. In order to comply with the prescribed regulations and also ensure faithful reproduction over the entire period of operation, the latest generation of monitors (MD212MC and MD213MC) have been equipped with the innovative NEC X-LightTM 3 technology and an integrated RGB 3-colour front-sensor. With their digital uniformity control (DUC) the displays also achieve a remarkable degree of brightness homogeneity.

NEC Display Solutions is offering a 4 megapixel 30” wide-format LCD display with its NEC MD304MC. Featuring a large diagonal as well as a resolution of 4 megapixels, it can replace two smaller 2-megapixel devices at the workplace with only a single cost-effective display. This means that the dual calibrations and conformance checks that would otherwise be necessary for two screens are no longer required. In addition, images can be placed side-by-side or viewed on a larger scale without any bezels getting in the way.

The NEC MD212MC and NEC MD213MC expand NEC’s product portfolio with 2- and 3-megapixel colour displays, respectively. The NEC High Brightness colour monitors can be deployed as DIN V6868-57 Class A compliant diagnostic displays for the diagnosis of, for example, images of the body extremities, head and thorax. In addition, they are particularly ideal for sectional-view diagnostics in combination with 3D colour reconstructions. Thanks to the wide viewing angles of the UA SFT (IPS) panel, the displays are ideal for multi-screen systems. The best possible view of the image from all different directions is thereby also guaranteed.

The NEC MD21M was developed as a 2-megapixel monitor featuring an excellent cost-price performance, whilst equipped with high-quality features and satisfying the DIN V6868-57 Category B diagnostic standard. It has been developed for deployment with modalities and in PACS systems, and satisfies the legal standards relating to the diagnosis of images from computerised axial tomography (CAT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans.

Naturally, all the devices satisfy the obligatory German, Austrian and Swiss quality assurance standards DIN V6868-57 Category A (NEC MD212MC and NEC MD213MC), and DIN V6868-57 Category B (NEC MD304MC and NEC MD21M), as well as the quality assurance standard applied in other European countries in accordance with AAPM TG18 corresponding to “Secondary Class“ (NEC, MD21M) and “Primary Class“ (NEC MD304MC, NEC MD212MC, NEC MD213MC) products.

NEC to Provide Albania’s Albtelecom with Microwave Systems and SDH Multiplexers

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NEC to Provide Albania’s Albtelecom with Microwave Systems and SDH Multiplexers

~First Eastern European trunked radio order & Europe’s first “MN Series” SDH multiplexer~

Tokyo, February 19, 2009 – NEC Corporation announced today its selection by Albania’s Albtelecom (Headquarters: Tirana) to deploy a broadband access network based on NEC’s 5000 Series ultra compact trunk microwave communications system, PASOLINK, and its MN Series SDH multiplexer, which will enable Albetelecom to efficiently address the region’s rapidly increasing data traffic needs.

Albtelecom is Albania’s leading fixed-line operator, and NEC’s microwave systems will be introduced to support Albtelecom’s broadband network. PASOLINK’s flexibility enables the system to process a wide variety of transmission speeds and interfaces within the same platform, which facilitates the ongoing voice and data traffic growth associated with the expansion of ADSL network coverage in Albania.

Today’s announcement marks the opening of business between NEC and Albtelecom, an agreement that also represents the first order in Eastern Europe for the 5000S trunk microwave system and the first European order for the MN Series SDH multiplexer. Looking forward, NEC will continue to leverage its industry experience to proactively develop and promote innovative new technologies as a leading global provider of wireless broadband communications systems.

NEC Develops One of the World’s Leading Mobile Base Station Transmitter Amplifiers

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NEC Develops One of the World’s Leading Mobile Base Station Transmitter Amplifiers

-Global sales planned to vendors of 3G, LTE and WiMAX base stations-

Tokyo, February 18, 2009 - NEC Corporation announced today the successful development of one of the world’s most efficient (*1) transmitter amplifiers for mobile base stations, a 2.1GHz model that produces 45W of output power per 100W of power consumption.

Transmitter amplifiers are devices that increase the strength of RF signals transmitted from base stations to remote terminals. NEC produced these latest amplifiers by adopting high performance and highly reliable RF transistor technologies (*2), in addition to independently optimizing Doherty RF circuitry (*3) with harmonic tuning. These innovations are accredited with NEC’s successful creation of amplifiers with one of the world’s highest efficiency levels, 45%.

Transmitter amplifiers are essential to the performance of mobile base stations, and telecom operators may now anticipate meaningful cost reductions from the introduction of this new technology. Mobile base stations fitted with the latest transmitter amplifiers are expected to be significantly smaller and to consume less power than existing equipment, which decreases the space required for storing units, time needed to assemble the stations, and simplifies maintenance.

NEC plans to begin shipment of the new transmitter amplifier, installed within LTE equipment, by the end of 2009. Looking forward, NEC also aims to provide the transmitter amplifier for W-CDMA, LTE and WiMAX base station vendors throughout expanding global markets.

Notes to Editors:

(*1) Amplifier Efficiency:
The ratio of RF output signal power to the sum of RF input signal power and DC power. As amplifier efficiency becomes higher, radio signals can be produced at lower levels of power consumption.

(*2) RF Transistor:
An adapted transistor made up of semiconductors and internal impedance matching circuits that amplifies power for radio frequency.

(*3) Doherty RF Circuit:
An essential wireless circuit for amplifier optimization where steadily operating amplifiers and momentarily operating amplifiers have a parallel connection. NEC to Provide Albania’s Albtelecom with Microwave Systems and SDH Multiplexers
~First Eastern European trunked radio order & Europe’s first “MN Series” SDH multiplexer~

NEC Establishes Value Added Service Technical Center in Spain

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NEC Establishes Value Added Service Technical Center in Spain

Tokyo, Spain 18 February, 2009 — NEC Iberica today announces that it has established a VAS (Value Added Service) technical centre in Spain to reinforce Fixed and Mobile VAS in the region. The centre will offer telecom operators a platform for their consumers to access a range of VAS to mobile applications, including mobile internet, messaging, video streaming and navigation.

The VAS technical centre, as the central Hub of Europe, is to have links with Japan, allowing new NGN/SDP based value added services developed in Japan, to reach the European. These links with the European hub will ensure customers in the region benefit from NEC’s R&D. Most importantly it will allow a solid understanding of European culture, its VAS requirements, what the end user wants and its business environment and trends which may be different from Japan. The key outcome of this will be to bring business synergy to Europe.

Mr. Jaime Serrano, General Manager of NEC Ibérica says: “NEC has a deep understanding and a track record of outstanding performance in project execution in this area. We have been delivering a range of VAS to mobile applications via our platforms to more than 50 million users worldwide. NEC’s VAS Technical Centre in Europe will bring even more business benefits to our customers by providing revenue generating VAS and CAPEX/OPEX reduction.”

Serrano continues: “ NEC is committed to providing first rate Fixed and Mobile converged service provisioning in Europe. Through this technical centre NEC is able to prove its important and innovative role in developing new services around fixed and mobile broadband.”

NEC plans for the further use of this center to provide our consumers with the latest advanced services and secure its leading position in the mobile Internet markets

NEC and Carrier IQ Announce Global Partnership

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NEC and Carrier IQ Announce Global Partnership

Integration of NEC Device Management and
Carrier IQ Mobile Service Intelligence Solutions

Tokyo, Japan and Mountain View, CA , February 17, 2009 – NEC Corporation, a leading global provider of Advanced Telecom and IT solutions, and Carrier IQ, the leader in Mobile Service Intelligence solutions for wireless carriers and equipment vendors, today confirmed that they have formed a global partnership agreement.

Under the agreement, the companies have integrated Mobile Service Intelligence technology alongside NEC’s leading Device Management products for mobile OEMs and carriers, and will jointly promote the integrated products world-wide.

NEC’s comprehensive range of OMA-DM compliant Device Management products (NC7000-DM) allow handset OEMs and mobile carriers to manage their portfolio of devices, including settings management, over the air software updates and remote diagnostics. Carrier IQ’s Mobile Service Intelligence products give carriers and OEMs the ability to analyze mobile service performance and quality as delivered to subscribers’ phones, in order to optimize service efficiency and the end user experience.

“With carriers spending US$8.9 billion annually on customer support calls worldwide, carriers are seeking ways to improve customer service and deliver ‘right the first time’ customer care,” commented Carrier IQ CEO Mark Quinlivan. “The combination of Mobile Service Intelligence with mobile Device Management gives OEMs and Carriers the insight they need to optimize service delivery. For instance, by using the combined solution, carriers can identify actual and potential problems remotely, repair them transparently using Device Management and software updates, and verify the fix over the air, delivering a complete service update package in one go.”

“Everybody wins,” he added, “the manufacturer of the phone, the network operator, but most importantly of all, the actual subscriber to mobile data services.”

“The addition of Carrier IQ’s technology with NEC’s leading Device Management products adds a new dimension to our product range,” commented Tsunehisa Enoki, General Manager of the Network Service System Division, NEC. “The Integration of Mobile Service Intelligence with NEC’s mobile Device Management enables customers to close the communication loop by providing accurate feedback on service enhancements. The combination also creates an opportunity to accelerate service improvements, provide enhanced call center support to customers and ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.”

NEC’s Device Management solution enables Mobile Operators to provide essential and effective mobile device management that increases customer satisfaction through remote device management and avoids user churn, while delivering new revenue generating services and enhancing user experience through users’ life logs. Additionally, NEC’s field proven solution deployments to handsets, IT/Network Infrastructure and OSS, provide a comprehensive and reliable service to mobile carriers.

Carrier IQ’s Mobile Service Intelligence solutions use software embedded on the mobile phone to provide detailed data regarding network and device performance, which when combined with Carrier IQ’s IQ Insight analytics suite, gives carriers and OEMs an exceptionally thorough view of service delivery across their entire customer base. With this information, customer care operators can accurately diagnose user problems and improve both network and device performance.

As part of the partnership agreement, NEC and Carrier IQ will each promote these combined products to customers in Asia, North and South America and Europe.

NEC and NetCracker Announce Wireless Broadband Joint Solution at Mobile World Congress 2009

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NEC and NetCracker Announce Wireless Broadband Joint Solution at Mobile World Congress 2009

End-to-End Solution for Femtocell, WiMAX, and LTE Helps Mobile Operators Rapidly Monetize Next-Generation Wireless Infrastructure

BARCELONA — February 17, 2009 —NEC Corporation and NetCracker Technology announced today a joint solution aimed at helping operators streamline their operations and optimize their investments in wireless broadband. This joint solution exemplifies the commitment made to the market by the two companies to jointly bring unique new capabilities that enable service providers to quickly exploit the opportunities offered by the rising demand for wireless broadband. The solution leverages NEC’s expertise in the area of Femtocell, WiMAX, and LTE, and NetCracker’s next-generation OSS capabilities.

Wireless broadband is the foundation of delivering innovative services such as video streaming, rich media content, and multi-media gaming. With these new opportunities come the challenges of rolling out new infrastructure in the most cost-effective manner, operationalizing it quickly, and managing it optimally. These challenges can only be met when the hardware component of the infrastructure comes well-integrated with the Operations Support Systems (OSS) for service management.

The joint solution will be on display this week at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, February 16–19.

“Wireless Broadband offers unprecedented opportunities to enter new markets, offer a diversity of services, and meet the bandwidth and quality needs of mobile customers,” said Mr. Masanobu Yamaguchi , NEC’s Vice President and Executive General Manager . “NEC’s cutting-edge Femtocell, WiMAX, and LTE innovations, combined with NetCracker’s decade-long experience enabling mobile operators to maximize their return on investment, ensures that wireless broadband can become the foundation for growth for service providers around the world.”

The Wireless Broadband Solution provides the following key benefits for service providers:

· Rapidly plan, design, and rollout Femtocell, WiMAX, and LTE

· Cost effectively operationalize, optimize, and manage networks from end to end

· Manage a seamless transition to 4G

· Introduce new services cost effectively

· Save on CapEx and OpEx by managing Network and IT domains from a single platform

“We are excited to demonstrate to the industry how NEC and NetCracker solutions complement each other to provide a full end-to-end solution for mobile operators,” said Andrew Feinberg, President and CEO of NetCracker. “As service providers look for ways to optimize their investments in mobile broadband, this powerful joint solution focuses on helping service providers rapidly monetize these investments.”

The NEC - NetCrackerJoint Solution Suite

Wireless broadband joins NetCracker and NEC’s existing suite of joint solutions that include Software as a Service and Device Management — which were previously demonstrated at Management World Americas in November 2008.

· Device Management. This joint solution provides comprehensive capabilities to facilitate targeted marketing, monitor customer service usage, and improve customer experience. Proactive management of device, customer, and service utilization ensures that customers have a positive experience from their very first interaction with the operator while they activate and start to use the services offered. Customer experience is also improved through network optimization and configuration management — and leads to increased customer loyalty.

· SaaS. This unique joint solution combines NEC’s SaaS platform and third-party applications with NetCracker’s provisioning capabilities. NEC provides comprehensive application and IT infrastructure that enable the hosting of third-party applications for sales, HR, accounting, and other enterprise applications. NetCracker’s service management enables the delivery and management of these services. Service providers can sell the SaaS platform to their enterprise customers, or they can use it to create, design, provision, and activate their own SaaS offerings.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration at Mobile World Congress or another time, please contact Juliet Shavit at

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