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March 25, 2009

Sony Strengthens Receiver Range with Four New Models

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Sony Strengthens Receiver Range with Four New Models

• DLNA Certified™ STR-DA6400ES is top of the range Network A/V Receiver
• New DH range: three fully updated models to supersede DG range

STR-DA6400ES – First Network Server Model

DLNA Certified™ STR-DA6400ES expands the world of High Definition entertainment in the living room. Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) lets you stream music, digital photos and video content stored in a compatible PC or home media server. In addition, the STR-DA6400ES as a server has the advantage of sending music digitally from analogue audio devices whether it is a vinyl, CD or tape to client devices, bridging the gap between your analogue content and digital devices.

The STR-DA6400ES can also directly access the Internet radio service SHOUTcast®, which brings a multitude of musical possibilities straight into the home without requiring or having to turn on a PC. All audio signals, including Internet radio, can be distributed to up to three rooms simultaneously, whilst video can be sent to a second zone and controlled by a second zone GUI (Graphical User Interface).

The 7.1 channel receiver has no fewer than six HDMI™ inputs, providing unparalleled flexibility. One HDMI input is mounted at the front for easy access, ideal for devices such as HD camcorders. The comprehensive HDMI connectivity on offer is rounded off by two HDMI outputs, all supporting 1080/24P, x.v.Colour and Deep Colour from Blu-ray Disc™.

Superlative Full HD audio capability is at the heart of the STR-DA6400ES’s feature set. It brings cinematic quality sound to the living room with Dolby® True HD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS® HD Master Audio and DTS High Resolution Audio decoding. This is expertly complemented by Sony’s HD Digital Cinema Sound processing, which perfectly recreates the HD cinematic viewing experience at home.

The Digital Cinema Auto-Calibration ensures a perfect final setup by fine-tuning the receiver’s 7.1 channel output to your speakers, the room itself and even actual listening positions.

The STR-DA6400ES will be available in stores in May.

STR-DH Range: three new models

Three new receivers are to replace the existing STR-DG line-up: the STR-DH500, the STR-DH700 and the STR-DH800.

The STR-DH500 is a 5.1 channel receiver with 3 HDMI inputs and 1 output (switcher). It features Digital Cinema Auto Calibration and Digital Media Port, which allows you to release your music from your portable music players and PC via an optional adapter.

For those looking for more features, the STR-DH700 offers 7.1 channel with 3 HDMI inputs and 1 output (repeater). In addition to STR-DH500’s specification, the STR-DH700 supports x.v.Colour, Deep Colour and bi-amplification. With bi-amplification, separate power stages drive the low frequency and mid/high frequency outputs. It also supports S-AIR – the wireless rear speaker solution from Sony that brings true flexibility and convenience to home cinema configuration.

At the top of the DH range is the STR-DH800, completing the specification with 4 HDMI inputs and 1 output (repeater) and High Definition audio codecs Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio.

The STR-DH500 and the STR-DH700 will be launched in May, while the STR-DH800 will go on sale in July.

New RHT-G Series Offers Home Cinema Surround Audio Concealed in a Stylish TV StandNew RHT-G Series Offers Home Cinema Surround Audio Concealed in a Stylish TV Stand

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New RHT-G Series Offers Home Cinema Surround Audio Concealed in a Stylish TV Stand

Multi-channel home cinema audio system with S-Master digital amplification
• 3 Models available to suit a wide range of TV sizes
• 3 HDMI™ inputs and BRAVIA Sync for single remote, one-touch easy operation

Elegantly designed and perfectly unobtrusive, Sony’s RHT-G Series offers multi-channel surround audio artfully concealed in a TV stand. For anyone wanting the heightened home cinema viewing experience without the visible speakers or cabling, it is the ideal solution.

The three new models cater for a wide range of TV sizes. The RHT-G950 is designed for 40-46” TVs, while the RHT-G1550 is the perfect match for larger 46-55” sets. The RHT-G550 completes the range, and is intended for use with 32-40” screens.

Both the RHT-G950 and the RHT-G1550 incorporate 5.1 channel speaker arrays capable of great power, with a total output of 470W and 550W respectively. The smaller RHT-G550 features 3.1 channel audio with a combined output of 330W.

The RHT-950 and the RHT-550 have a special, space-saving design where the rear corners of the unit are cut away so that it will fit further back into the corner of the room. A premium gloss black finish and glass top ensure that the look and feel are stylish yet visually restrained, while carefully thought-out cable management keeps everything out of sight and tidy at the back.

Internally, the physical orientation of the speakers is optimised for front surround audio. The angle between the centre and outer units is carefully calculated to increase the separation of the front and rear aspects of the sound picture. Newly enhanced S-Force PRO Front Surround technology from Sony works together with the physical speaker array to generate a truly immersive surround effect, seemingly enveloping the listener in sound, yet without any need for speakers at the rear of the room.

Sony’s S-Master digital amplification and signal processing yields superlative accuracy of reproduction and a rich, detailed sound virtually free of unwanted noise. Features like the vibration-damped sub-woofer and a special bass-reduced ‘night mode’ ensure that loud or quiet, the unit always delivers exceptional quality audio.

With no fewer than 12 selectable sound modes ranging from Movie, Sport and News to Rock, Jazz and Classic, the amplification system is capable of huge versatility and great results whatever use it is put to. As well as enjoying enhanced home cinema and gaming experiences, this will also include listening to the radio thanks to the presence of an integrated FM/AM tuner.

Using the RHT-G Series is simplified by BRAVIA Sync technology, which allows a single remote to control several A/V components connected via HDMI. One-Touch Play turns on the TV and the stand, and whichever Disc player or other HDMI source you require is automatically selected. System Audio Control switches between the TV speakers and the stand as desired, while System Power Off automatically turns off the stand and connected components when you power down the TV.

Convenience and flexibility are ensured by a generous allocation of inputs. Three HDMI connectors provide for a full complement of A/V devices including DVD or Blu-ray Disc™ players and PLAYSTATION®3. A special Digital Media Port is designed for accessing music held externally on a Walkman®, PC, mobile phone or iPod®.

The RHT-G Series makes the perfect partner for BRAVIA LCD TVs, both functionally and aesthetically. The RHT-950 and RHT-1550 will be available in stores in May, and the RHT-550 in July.

Nikon Introduces New Confocal NEXIV, VMZ-K6555

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Nikon Introduces New Confocal NEXIV, VMZ-K6555

Nikon Corporation (Michio Kariya, President) is pleased to announce the launch of the new Confocal NEXIV VMZ-K6555. The new Confocal NEXIV VMZ-K6555 is designed for faster and more accurate non-contact 3D measurements on larger size substrates, probe cards, and other applications requiring large stage travel. Higher magnification optics is incorporated in the design of the new Confocal NEXIV VMZ-K6555.

Product Information
Product name: Confocal NEXIV, VMZ-K6555
Start receiving orders from: March 30, 2009

Product Concept
The new Confocal NEXIV VMZ-K6555 has been designed with longer XY travel (650×550 mm) to cover the non contact 3D measurement requirements of larger substrates such as recent cutting-edge interposer substrates, and probe cards with greater accuracy and faster measurement speed. In addition, the new Confocal NEXIV VMZ-K6555 optical head employing the newly designed higher magnification objective lens (30x) can be configured for better resolution power along the XY plane.

Similar to the current Confocal NEXIV VMR-K3040ZC, the new Confocal NEXIV VMZ-K6555 continues to allow for both 2D measurements on brightfield images with a CNC 15x zooming optics and 3D measurements on confocal images. Furthermore, TTL scanning laser automatic focus and Video image automatic focus functionalities have been added to the new Confocal NEXIV VMZ-K6555 for more flexibility.

For faster measurement speed, the standard confocal optics using lower magnifications such as 1.5x, 3x and 7.5x has been redesigned and employed. The system can be configured either with built-in high magnification CF optical head or with built-in standard magnification CF optical head so that it can be optimized for broad variations of complicated and smaller measuring targets on any measuring application.

Longer XY stage strokes
650×550 mm strokes are realized for the inspection of 510 mm square interposer substrates or 500 mm diameter probe cards or any application requiring large XY stage travel.
High magnification lens 30x and high magnification CF optical head (Type H)
The dedicated 30x objective lens and high magnification CF optical head have been newly designed to produce higher resolution for the measurements of smaller line width and spacing.
Optional standard CF optical head (Type S)
Dedicated objective lenses such as 1.5x, 3x and 7.5x are used with a wider field of view for the standard CF optical head for faster measurement speed.
TTL scanning laser AF and vision AF now available on the VMZ-K6555
The renowned NEXIV automatic focusing capabilities have now been added to the new Confocal NEXIV VMZ-K6555 for the ability to easily accomplish much more complex measuring applications.
Higher resolution power and higher traveling accuracy on the Z axis
Z axis travel resolution is now 0.01 µm and traveling accuracy on the Z axis is now 1+L/150 µm1+L/1000 µm, regardless of the type of confocal optical head.
(Revised on March 24, 2009)
LED light source
For episcopic and diascopic lighting, the halogen light source has been replaced with LED light allowing for longer life and brighter images.

Nikon Corporation Receives Intel’s Prestigious SUPPLIER CONTINUOUS QUALITY IMPROVEMENT AWARD

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Nikon Corporation Receives Intel’s Prestigious SUPPLIER CONTINUOUS QUALITY IMPROVEMENT AWARD

Nikon Corporation (Michio Kariya, President) has received Intel Corporation’s prestigious Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI) award recognizing world-class, outstanding performance in 2008. This award is Intel’s highest honor for its suppliers, acknowledging extraordinary commitment to quality and exceptional performance for providing lithography scanners for technology development and high volume manufacturing deemed essential to Intel’s success. Nikon is among an elite group of 14 suppliers to receive the SCQI award for 2008.

“We set a goal to achieve Intel’s highest supplier quality designation. We were awarded the PQS award in 2007 and now have received the SCQI award for 2008. Nikon is honored to be recognized by Intel as an SCQI Supplier, which reflects our commitment to continuous support of Intel’s technology needs, flawless ramp support, and systematic improvements in equipment availability. This is a credit to our worldwide Nikon team that contributed to this achievement and to Intel for their continued support,” said Kazuo Ushida, President, Precision Equipment Company.

“Intel congratulates Nikon on achieving the SCQI award in 2008,” said Janice Golda, Lithography Capital Equipment Development director, Intel Corporation. “Nikon has provided excellent support to Intel to integrate new lithography technology, smoothly ramp new factories, and proactively support equipment reuse, all while simultaneously achieving our safety and sustainability goals. We look forward to continuing to grow our relationship as we jointly address future lithography challenges.”

The SCQI award is part of Intel’s Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement program, which encourages Intel’s key suppliers to strive for excellence and continuous improvement. To qualify for SCQI status, suppliers must score at least 95 percent on a report card that assesses performance and ability to meet cost, quality, availability, delivery, technology and responsiveness goals. Suppliers must also manage and deliver on a challenging improvement plan and a quality/business systems assessment. Furthermore, this year’s awardees had to demonstrate basic compliance to the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct and Intel’s Green Sustainability Program. Additional information about the SCQI program is available at

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