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April 3, 2009

ASUS Bags Prestigious 2009 Red Dot Design Awards

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ASUS Bags Prestigious 2009 Red Dot Design Awards

Innovative Eee PC™, Notebooks and EeeKeyboard PC Garner Top Honors with Innovative Designs

For distinctions in high quality design, ASUS has received the prestigious 2009 red dot design awards for the Eee PC™ S101, the EeeKeyboard PC, the ASUS S121 and P30 notebooks, and the ASUS Chocolate notebook keyboard. Furthermore, the ASUS RT-N17 wireless storage router and ASUS L-Series laptop bags also won red dot design Honourable Mention awards.

The international red dot design award ranks among the largest and most famous design competitions in the world. Each year an international jury reviews and evaluates the submitted products according to stringent criteria like degree of innovation, functionality and the formal quality of the product. This ensures that the seriousness of the competition and its international acceptance is upheld.

ASUS is proud to present the red dot award: product design 2009 winners:

Eee PC™ S101
The ASUS Eee PC™ S101 is exquisitely designed for fashion forward individuals who view style as much of a factor of success as substance. Boasting a wholly reforged exterior in four gorgeous colors—Brown, Champagne, Graphite or Pink—accentuated with delightful details such as premium Infusion finishes and crystal-adorned hinges, a successful melding of fashion and functionality easily situates it at the pinnacle of portable computing.

ASUS S121 notebook
The ASUS S121 notebook was born of a desire to fulfill the demanding needs of today’s busy executives, as well as keeping them looking stylish wherever their work takes them. Dressed to impress, the S121 sports a majestic glossy brown finish with shimmering fibers that graces the LCD lid, while CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements masterfully imbedded into intricately crafted metallic hinges add a touch of class, reminiscent of a pair of marquis-cut diamond cuff-links on a business suit. To further complete this fusion of high fashion and functionality, exquisite leather-wrapped palm rests are housed within a svelte 2.3cm profile and feather-light 1.45kg body. Coupled with a comfortable 12.1” screen, up to 250GB of hard disk space and 8 hours of battery life with the exclusive ASUS Super Hybrid Engine, the ASUS S121 has redefined the meaning of digital luxury.

EeeKeyboard PC
The most innovative and exciting computer available today, the space-saving and supremely portable EeeKeyboard PC offers the complete functionality of a desktop PC in a slim and stylish keyboard that weighs under 1kg. It easily turns any big-screen TV or LCD monitor into a fully functional PC and video/audio transmission device via its Ultra Wide Band Wireless connectivity—making it suitable for any modern home. A 5-inch touch panel provides users with an interactive and intuitive means of controlling the screen cursor.

ASUS P30 notebook
The ASUS P30 notebook helps deliver a total solution for secure and trusted mobile computing. It features outstanding power efficiency with the ASUS Super Hybrid Engine (SHE); while the ASUS Xpress Charge feature speedily recharges the notebooks. It also delivers outstanding portability, being less than 1 inch in thickness and only 3.3lbs in weight. The P30 also delivers secure data protection that encompasses: HDD ShockShield Protection to help prevent hard drive data loss by shock absorption; added security via the ASUS AI Pre-Boot Finger Logon; the AI Secure Delete function; as well as an Anti-theft technology that helps locate the notebook in case of theft. Furthermore, the P30 delivers outstanding reliability with a sturdy design based on a Magnesium Skeleton, allowing users to rest assured that these notebooks will withstand the rigors of mobile computing.

ASUS Chocolate notebook keyboard
The ASUS Chocolate notebook keyboard highlights not only better ergonomic comfort, but also a visually cleaner appearance and more distinctive typing area. With a larger touch area, finger contact is increased dramatically and tight key spacing reduces dust accumulation. With a larger differentiation between the alphabetical keys and functional keys, smoother typing is achieved, and chances of typos reduced. The ditch on top of each keycap also allows the user’s fingers to locate and rest naturally on the keyboard, while hotkeys provide one-touch convenience. With a new area distribution, the central division of alphabetical keys is shifted more towards the center of the entire body, allowing the user’s typing position to be more in-line with the display screen. Combined with an improved aesthetic and more ergonomic typing gesture, the new ASUS Chocolate notebook keyboard aims to bring to users the best typing experience ever.

The ASUS RT-N17 is a wireless storage router that presents simple, convenient setup and usage for secure wireless networking within minutes. It encompasses EZ Setup for auto detection of prevailing WAN types and a manual-free setup for easy configurations. It also utilizes a Download and Upload Master feature for easy data transference to and from the router—without requiring a PC to be switched on. Furthermore, the RT-N17 provides easy backup solutions with just a push of a button and allows users to easily configure and utilize FTP / SAMBA / Printer / MFP sharing.

ASUS L-Series laptop bags
The ASUS L-Series laptop bags are part of the luxurious asus • COLLECTION lineup first created in 2008. Utilizing fabrics made from hi-tech nylon, the L-Shaped bags are lightweight, yet rugged to withstand moisture and constant wear and tear. Furthermore, with a perfectly constructed cut complemented by deluxe leather-wrapped carry handles and adjustable web shoulder straps, the L-Series laptop bags are a masterful blend of both style and function, making them perfect companions for any occasion.
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