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April 9, 2009

Brand Personality: the Challenge Became Reality Acer Multibrand Approach Guides the New Product Line up

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Brand Personality: the Challenge Became Reality
Acer Multibrand Approach Guides the New Product Line up
2009-04-08 - New York Acer Group multibrand strategy has come to its last stage: the development of a new product line up with a distinctive look & feel that is perfectly adapted to consumer identities.

Over one year from the announcement of its multibrand strategy, deployed to guarantee an effective integration of Acer, Gateway, Packard Bell and eMachines in the market, Acer is changing its look. It’s doing this with a range of products non only aesthetically different, but also innovative and fully featured. Perfectly in line with the customer segment Acer wanted to keep in contact with: the techno-leaders, users strongly attracted by technology and innovation that are considered as tools to make life easier and to make improvements towards a next level.

Notebooks become slim and long-lasting, while desktops change their conventional format. More than products, these are real experience capable of leaving their mark.
This way the traditional desktop PCs make room for the All-in-One, stylish ‘LCDs’ reproducing all PC functionalities but with the simplicity of the touchscreen or of the Nettop, a new market segment especially designed for entertainment that makes simplicity its key point and differentiating element.
Notebooks become even lighter and offer a freedom that goes beyond the limit of imagination: more than 8 hours of battery life means freedom from cables, from time and space. Notebooks fit their users, reflect their desires and needs, without frills. Minimal, but rich like only top-quality can be.
Netbooks gain a special place in the market, moving forward from a single revolutionary device to a whole family of products – sharing key words like slim, easy, always connected – but with a clear, single personality that reflect users’ attitudes and moods.

State of the art objects, hyper-technological devices, commodity. Not just personal.
“The products we buy are a sign of what we are. It tells something about our personality,” says Gianpiero Morbello, Acer Group Vice President Marketing & Brand. “The secret beyond every purchase is that sensation of comfort and familiarity that the user establishes with the product itself and with the story the product tells.
Our aim is to satisfy users’ needs by selling products and services. Not merely to sell products and services. There’s a huge difference between these two concepts.”

Last year, the Acer group started up a project that, through thorough research designed to analyse the performance of their own brands, has allowed it to identify various user segments and to understand the reasons that generate purchases, also defining different Brand Value Propositions. The definition of brand identities has led the way to a re-focusing of the product development process and a review of the marketing and sales process. The aim: to comply with Acer users’ purchase approach, telling consumers a story though a product.
New Acer products are completely different each other. They answer to different needs, but all of them are adventures, journeys through imagery that give back an experience based on their user’s personality.

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