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April 13, 2009

Verizon Wireless to join China Mobile, SOFTBANK and Vodafone in creating the largest global platform for mobile developers

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Verizon Wireless to join China Mobile, SOFTBANK and Vodafone in creating the largest global platform for mobile developers

Initiative to help developers in creating fun and useful mobile widgets for approximately one billion customers

Verizon Wireless announces that it plans to join the Joint Innovation Lab (JIL) established by China Mobile, SOFTBANK and Vodafone to help accelerate the uptake of innovative mobile technologies on a mass-market scale.

The addition of Verizon Wireless, a joint venture of Verizon Communications and Vodafone, would mean that the JIL now has a combined customer reach of approximately one billion consumers.

The JIL will initially focus on creating a single global platform for developers to encourage the creation of a wide range of innovative and useful mobile widgets. These mobile widgets will be capable of enhancing the mobile internet experience on a variety of smartphones as well as mid- and low-cost handsets on multiple operating systems.

As part of this initiative, the JIL plans to launch later this year a range of tools to encourage innovation among global mobile developers. The tools include: a common mobile widgets specification, easy-to-use developer kits, and an online repository, distribution and payment mechanism to ensure developers can roll out their products to customers in more than 70 countries across North America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

“This partnership will enable four of the world’s leading mobile operators to pool their combined expertise, innovation and scale for the gain of customers across the globe,” said JIL Chairman Masayoshi Son. “As well as driving innovation in the mobile developer world, this initiative is set to empower consumers by giving them access to a range of easy-to-use and compelling web applications that will enable them to get even more benefits from their handsets.”

Mobile widgets are capable of boosting handset functionality as well as transforming the look and feel of a device to give customers quick and easy access to valued content. They are personalised, always-accessible mini applications that sit on a handset to retrieve relevant information from the web such as weather reports, sports updates, and travel timetables.

The JIL mobile widgets specification is set to enrich these services further by enabling developers to access both handset and network functionality such as the address book, camera, location information and billing in a secure environment.

JIL has been working in close cooperation with a range of industry standards bodies such as the OMTP and the GSMA to outline specifications that will make it easier for developers to create widgets that run on a wide range of handsets, operating systems and networks.

The JIL also welcomes the co-operation of vendors, developers and other operators in the creation of new applications and services.

April 9, 2009

Adobe and Texas Instruments Bring Flash and AIR to OMAP™ Platform

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Adobe and Texas Instruments Bring Flash and AIR to OMAP™ Platform

Collaboration to bring uncompromised web browsing and rich Internet applications to OMAP processor-based devices; Texas Instruments participates in Open Screen Project

At the CTIA Wireless conference, Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) and Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced a technology collaboration to optimize Adobe® Flash® Player and Adobe AIR®, two key components of the Adobe Flash Platform, for the TI OMAP™ mobile applications platform. TI’s collaboration with Adobe will allow manufacturers and developers to fully leverage the benefits of the OMAP platform to reduce time to market while increasing performance and reducing power on devices. A pre-release of the optimized Adobe Flash Player 10 for devices is expected to be available to manufacturers this summer with an official production release expected in Q1 2010. OMAP solutions supporting the pre-release of Adobe Flash Player are expected to be available for manufacturers and developers in the second half of 2009.

This engagement furthers TI’s long standing commitment to supporting Flash technology and will make it easier for manufacturers to enable uncompromised web browsing on their devices. It also lets them quickly update and run Flash technology based third-party content and applications while reducing time to market on smartphones, mobile Internet devices (MIDs) and other mobile computing devices. TI will also provide Adobe Flash technology support on the Zoom™ OMAP34x-II Mobile Development Platform (MDP), with future support for additional planned OMAP processor-based reference platforms, allowing developers to create rich, Flash technology based content that enhances the overall user experience for a variety of markets. By optimizing Flash technology for the OMAP solution, manufacturers and developers can fully exploit offerings of the platform when accessing content developed with Flash technology. For example, leveraging the OMAP platform’s hardware acceleration capabilities allows for improved video and graphics performance at lower power.

“Adobe Flash is the leading platform for rich applications, content, and video on the web today and this collaboration is an important step towards bringing web content and complete Internet experiences to mobile devices,” said David Wadhwani, general manager and vice president, Platform Business Unit at Adobe. “Mobile users expect to access their favorite content anywhere, at any time, and much of that content is based on Adobe Flash technology. The work with TI on the OMAP platform and the Zoom OMAP34x-II MDP will help deliver these rich experiences to a new range of devices, including smartphones and MIDs, worldwide.”

“Archos has always led the way in providing an uncompromised web browsing experience on its Internet Media Tablets,” said Henri Crohas, CEO and founder of Archos. “As Flash based videos and content keep on dominating the web, Archos will support again the latest Adobe Flash technology on its 2009 devices, leveraging TI’s OMAP platform.”

“TI has a long standing history of shipping devices with Flash technology and we are pleased to incorporate Adobe Flash Player 10 for devices and Adobe AIR into our portfolio, enabling our customers to deliver a desktop-compatible Internet browsing experience on the OMAP platform,” said Remi El-Ouazzane, vice president and general manager for TI’s OMAP Platform Business Unit. “The collaboration allows our customers and partners to advance the user experience, expanding the accessibility of Flash technology from the PC to the mobile environment. This ability will open the door for the creation of new smartphone, MID and other OMAP processor-based devices that deliver full Internet browsing functionality without sacrificing power consumption, performance or cost.”

As an innovator of hardware, software and power management technology for smartphones, MIDs, and other consumer technologies, TI also participates in the Open Screen Project, a broad industry initiative to deliver a consistent runtime environment across devices. Announced in May 2008, the initiative is dedicated to enabling web content, standalone applications and uncompromised web browsing across televisions, desktops, mobile devices and other consumer electronics that take advantage of capabilities of the Adobe Flash Platform, including Adobe Flash Player and AIR. For more information, visit .
About Flash Platform

The Adobe Flash Platform is a complete system of integrated tools, frameworks, clients and servers for the development of web applications, content and video that runs consistently across operating systems and devices. Adobe AIR, which enables developers to use proven web technologies to build applications that extend outside the browser, and Adobe Flash Player are key components of the Adobe Flash Platform. Adobe Flash Player content reaches over 98 percent of Internet-enabled desktops, and Adobe Flash technology is the number one platform for video on the web. In addition, the mobile runtime has shipped and delivered Flash technology based content on close to 40 percent of all new mobile phones and devices in 2008. For more information about the Adobe Flash Platform visit .
About Adobe Systems Incorporated

Adobe revolutionizes how the world engages with ideas and information - anytime, anywhere and through any medium. For more information, visit .
About Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments (NYSE: TXN) helps customers solve problems and develop new electronics that make the world smarter, healthier, safer, greener and more fun. A global semiconductor company, TI innovates through manufacturing, design and sales operations in more than 25 countries. For more information, go to .

1 to 1 of 24 * From the Emotional Purchase To the Last Phase of Acer Multibrand Strategy

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From the Emotional Purchase To the Last Phase of Acer Multibrand Strategy

n a market in which consumer goods offer increasingly advanced and standardised technologies, a new generation of users is changing consumer rules: emotional consumers.

A PC vendor aimed at gaining share in today’s market must respond to end users’ requests. But how? With a new multibrand strategy, Acer has been able to set user targets and identify the ideals these users aspire to, and then develop products that reflect their desires and needs.

Emotional users take the technical qualities of their electronic goods for granted. They expect an LCD television, once plugged in, to be able to find available channels and transmit them instantly with bright, vivid colours. Instead, what they don’t take for granted is the affinity between the product and their own aspirations, between the product brand and what they want to be, or how they want to be considered by owning it. Above all, what they buy is the idea that rotates around the product, conjured up by the brand and the visual details in which they manage to identify themselves with.

While the technical information is essential for rational consumers – such as the engineering of the product’s performance and parts - for emotional consumers values, history and experience are the plus points that distinguish the goods from other standardised and standardising ones.

The device’s technical quality is now taken for granted and is not the distinguishing element when making purchase choices. The dynamics that regulate the purchase are increasingly similar to those of any consumer product. The search for affinities between one’s own identity and the identity expressed by the brand is more important than technical information.

Acer has known how to interpret this evolution in the purchasing process from rational to emotional ahead of time, and therefore has introduced a strategy that can generate market growth from the change; identifying the ideals that the various user targets aspire to and then developing products that reflect desires and needs.

First stage of this strategy was based on extensive research and analysis throughout Europe and the US destined to identify various user segments and to understand the reasons that generate purchases, according to the brand and technology drivers, also identifying brand perception.
This study has determined six distinctive user segments:

* Tecno-leaders and Tecno-rationals are real trend setters. They look for innovation and the best performance. They have a complete mastery of technology and are always up-to-date; their primary source for information is the web, which is also their favorite purchase channel.
* “Trends & Lifestyle” consumers trust the brand above all. “Trends” value simplicity and reliability, while “Lifestyles” are also sensitive to design.
* “Conventionals” are influenced by trend setters. They buy the same things as trend setters as long as the brand is known and fulfils basic design criteria.
* The “Simplicity & Value for Money” segment doesn‘t care about brand or design. Technology has to be simple and cheap, with a good price/performance ratio.

The classification of users purchase attitudes has taken Acer into a second stage of its multibrand strategy: the definition of the Brand Value propositions, preserving each brand’s identity and personality therefore avoiding any overlap or cannibalization between them.

Acer has found its natural position in the range of Tecno-leader and Tecno-rational users that identify with a state-of-the-art, innovative brand that can “simplify life through technology”.
Gateway in the US and Packard Bell in EMEA, synonyms of style and trends, have found more affinity with a user group that looks for a reliable brand that can offer simple, easy-to-use devices, with which they can identify and acknowledge their own personality. Trends and Lifestyles are the reference segments.
Lastly, eMachines is aimed at those who adopt a strictly pragmatic approach and expect that a PC is predominantly an efficient and worthwhile instrument: the Simplicity & Value for Money users.

The definition of the brand identities found in the relative user segments has allowed Acer to complete its multi-brand strategy, revolutionising the development of its products thus presenting a new product line up with a distinctive look & feel for each brand. The user will be able to associate a memory to each line, each curve on the casing, an emotion that will allow him or her to establish an exclusive and unique relationship with the brand and the product itself.

Brand Personality: the Challenge Became Reality Acer Multibrand Approach Guides the New Product Line up

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Brand Personality: the Challenge Became Reality
Acer Multibrand Approach Guides the New Product Line up
2009-04-08 - New York Acer Group multibrand strategy has come to its last stage: the development of a new product line up with a distinctive look & feel that is perfectly adapted to consumer identities.

Over one year from the announcement of its multibrand strategy, deployed to guarantee an effective integration of Acer, Gateway, Packard Bell and eMachines in the market, Acer is changing its look. It’s doing this with a range of products non only aesthetically different, but also innovative and fully featured. Perfectly in line with the customer segment Acer wanted to keep in contact with: the techno-leaders, users strongly attracted by technology and innovation that are considered as tools to make life easier and to make improvements towards a next level.

Notebooks become slim and long-lasting, while desktops change their conventional format. More than products, these are real experience capable of leaving their mark.
This way the traditional desktop PCs make room for the All-in-One, stylish ‘LCDs’ reproducing all PC functionalities but with the simplicity of the touchscreen or of the Nettop, a new market segment especially designed for entertainment that makes simplicity its key point and differentiating element.
Notebooks become even lighter and offer a freedom that goes beyond the limit of imagination: more than 8 hours of battery life means freedom from cables, from time and space. Notebooks fit their users, reflect their desires and needs, without frills. Minimal, but rich like only top-quality can be.
Netbooks gain a special place in the market, moving forward from a single revolutionary device to a whole family of products – sharing key words like slim, easy, always connected – but with a clear, single personality that reflect users’ attitudes and moods.

State of the art objects, hyper-technological devices, commodity. Not just personal.
“The products we buy are a sign of what we are. It tells something about our personality,” says Gianpiero Morbello, Acer Group Vice President Marketing & Brand. “The secret beyond every purchase is that sensation of comfort and familiarity that the user establishes with the product itself and with the story the product tells.
Our aim is to satisfy users’ needs by selling products and services. Not merely to sell products and services. There’s a huge difference between these two concepts.”

Last year, the Acer group started up a project that, through thorough research designed to analyse the performance of their own brands, has allowed it to identify various user segments and to understand the reasons that generate purchases, also defining different Brand Value Propositions. The definition of brand identities has led the way to a re-focusing of the product development process and a review of the marketing and sales process. The aim: to comply with Acer users’ purchase approach, telling consumers a story though a product.
New Acer products are completely different each other. They answer to different needs, but all of them are adventures, journeys through imagery that give back an experience based on their user’s personality.

Acer Aspire Timeline Revolutionizes the IT World Slim and Long-lasting, Beyond Your Dreams

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Acer Aspire Timeline Revolutionizes the IT World
Slim and Long-lasting, Beyond Your Dreams

2009-04-08 - New York Time is precious but elusive. We try to capture it, but it’s always fleeing. This has now come to an end. The new Acer Aspire Timeline series mark the beginning of a new era in mobile computing, an era when you have more time to get things done, stay connected and enjoy entertainment.

And what’s more, Acer achieved this extraordinary result not by adding but by reducing. In fact, Acer based the new Aspire Timeline notebooks on a simple yet revolutionary idea: instead of making laptops with bulkier and heavier batteries so that they could have more autonomy, they made a series of notebooks which are more efficient, and capable to reduce energy consumption to the minimum to give you all time you want and no added weight.

The result is more than eight hours battery life, so that you don’t have to worry about running out of power in the middle of something important, and you have more time to learn, have fun and be productive.

Acer designed the Aspire Timeline notebooks with the Acer Smart Power key, your gateway to power on-demand. The Acer Smart Power key extends battery life through advanced settings. Just press the Smart Power key to boost power saving capabilities and extend battery life, thus expanding your time of freedom even more than 8 hours.

Specifically designed for energy-efficient performance, the Aspire Timeline series features numerous innovative solutions, including: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo ultra low voltage processors and Intel® Display Power Savings Technology (Intel® DPST) that reduces display backlight with minimum visual impact, saving up to 33% energy compared to typical notebooks. As a result, the system efficiency is greatly increased, reducing power consumption and boosting battery life by up to 40%.

“Leadership companies are those who bring compelling and breakthrough technologies to consumers even in tough market conditions,” affirms Paul Otellini, President and CEO of Intel Corporation“ Today, Acer Group is demonstrating their technology leadership and Intel is proud our close collaboration with Acer has helped to deliver these innovative, market-changing ultra-thin products based on the latest Intel® Core™ 2 Duo ultra low voltage solutions.”
Designing the Aspire Timeline, Acer broke another barrier: creating the finest and lightest notebooks to provide all-day computing. At its thinnest point the Aspire Timeline is just 24 mm thick (less than one inch) and thanks to the aluminum cover it’s a featherweight, ranging from 1.6 kg (3.5 lb) for the 13.3” model up to just 2.4 kg (5.3 lb) for the 15.6”, making it both lighter and easier to carry around than anything else. The Aspire Timeline opens up a new dimension where lightness and more time meet and you have total freedom to get things done unhurriedly anywhere you want.

One of the main complaints people have about notebooks is that they produce heat and after a while using them on your lap becomes uncomfortable. Acer Aspire Timeline use a cooling technology designed to improve user experience. Developed in collaboration with Intel, Laminar Wall Jet exploits a technology that has been used successfully for cooling turbine blades. Through the addition of louvers to the inlet vents, the cooling air flow is redirected along the bottom side of the notebook chassis, putting fresh air precisely where it’s needed to better cool the skin.

“Acer has always focused on bringing leading-edge technology to its customers regardless of market conditions” states Gianfranco Lanci, President and CEO of Acer Inc. “As a result, our customers expect longer battery life, thin and light form factors and great processing technology at an affordable price. With the Aspire Timeline series and our partnership with Intel and their ultra low voltage Intel Core 2 Duo solutions, we are confident we have exceeded our customers’ expectations once again”

The Aspire Timeline Series complies with the strictest Energy Star 5.0 prerequisites. This means that to earn an Energy Star label, the notebook must be more efficient also when using the power adapter. Acer Power Smart adapter does even more, as it consumes 66% less than required by Energy Star: this means that it saves 1,752 watt per year, the equivalent of a 15 watt bulb to be lit for 116 days. Plus, the Power Smart adapter enters adaptive charging mode automatically when the battery is fully charged this stops consuming energy and reduces the tear and wear on the battery.
With the Acer Timeline notebooks the limits of space and time become blurred taking you in a dimension where you are the master of your time.

Beyond Mobile Computing: New Acer Aspire Timeline Series

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Beyond Mobile Computing: New Acer Aspire Timeline Series

n mobile computing battery life has always been a weak point. Mobile users had to make a choice: if they wanted more battery life they had to buy a heavier system; if they wanted a lighter laptop they had to make do with shorter lasting batteries.

This has now come to an end. With the new Aspire Timeline series Acer reached a delicate equilibrium between computer lightness and battery life, creating a series of featherweight notebooks that can give you an entire day of computing on a single charge.

The Aspire Timeline series have been specifically designed for longer battery life, not by using a bulkier and heavier battery, but redesigning the way power is used, making the system more efficient, lighter and less harmful to the environment and more than capable to give you the bliss of more than eight hours of battery life on a single charge.

But that’s not all. The Aspire Timeline notebooks come with the Acer Smart Power key, the gateway to power on-demand. The Acer Smart Power key gives you the power to decide how long the battery will last: just press the Smart Power key to boost power saving capabilities and extend your freedom. Acer Smart power expands battery life through advanced settings and takes a series of actions to reduce power consumption.

Plus, at its thinnest point the Acer Aspire Timeline is just 24mm thick (less than one inch), rising just 5 mm at its highest. Then the brushed aluminum cover with mirrored metal Acer logo, not only gives it a stylish look but also keeps weight down to an ultra-light 1.6kg (3.5lb) for the 13.3” model up to just 2.4kg (5.3lb) for the 15.6” one, making it both lighter and easier to carry around than anything comparable.

One of the main complaints people have about notebooks is that they produce heat and after a while using them on your lap becomes uncomfortable. Acer Aspire Timeline notebooks use a cooling technology designed to improve user experience. Developed in collaboration with Intel, Laminar Wall Jet exploits a technology that has been used successfully for cooling turbine blades. Through the addition of louvers to the inlet vents, the cooling air flow is redirected along the bottom side of the notebook chassis, putting fresh air precisely where it’s needed to better cool the skins.

The Aspire Timeline Series is energy saving even when it’s using the power adapter. Thanks to Acer Power Smart adapter, Aspire Timeline notebooks consume up 66% less than required by Energy Star: this means that it saves 1,752 watt per year, the equivalent of a 15 watt bulb to be lit for 116 days. Plus, the Power Smart adapter enters adaptive charging mode automatically when the battery is fully charged: this stops consuming energy and reduces the tear and wear on the battery.

The minimalistic look of the Aspire Timelines conceals a wealth of details designed to give you easy control over frequent operations. Touch sensitive hot keys have been integrated on the top to put feature such ad WiFi, Backup and Power Smart key right at your fingertips. For easier usage, also the ODD eject button (for 14” and 15.6”) has been placed on the top.

The glossy FineTip keyboard, with larger and more spaced keys, is designed to offer an entirely new typing experience, further boosted by the unique design of the touchpad that includes a lock to avoid mis-touch when typing and touchpad button with a step design to find it easily even without looking. Also, the multi-gesture touchpad ensures a more comfortable navigation: using a circular clockwise or counterclockwise finger motion you can navigate web pages, lists of files, music playlists or photos; you can pinch to zoom-in or zoom-out in seconds with various applications; browse photos, web pages, PDF documents or media albums by sliding two fingers horizontally.

The Aspire Timeline series is available in three formats, 13.3”, 14” and 15.6, presenting bright, lifelike images and enhanced readability in low-light condition through Acer CineCrystal™ LED backlit display with true 16:9 aspect ratio, 1366X768 HD resolution, high brightness and fast response time for exceptional media playback. To let you enjoy a fully immersive entertainment, the Aspire Timeline series is equipped with Dolby® Sound Room® that offers a spectacular surround sound from any pair of speakers or headphones.

Born to offer ultra-mobility and total freedom, the Aspire Timeline Series comes with the most up to date communication options to keep you always in touch with your friends and business contacts: built-in Wi-Fi®/WiMAX™ functionalities, supporting Acer SignalUp™, allow full connectivity for unprecedented mobility. The perfect companions for a completely wireless life, the Aspire Timelines can be specified with a choice of embedded 3G modules as an option. With the integrated Acer Crystal Eye webcam, optimized for low light conditions and supporting enhanced Acer PrimaLite™ technology, you can easily set up video conferences with your business contacts or video chat with your friends.
Harnessing the latest Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Ultra Low Voltage solutions the Aspire Timeline series comes with a choice of shared or dedicated VGA and is equipped with DDR3 system memory to breeze through multitasking requirements. Ample storage is provided by an HDD with up to 500 GB of capacity, alternatively there is support for an SSD with up to 64 GB of capacity.

Acer AspireRevo: Nettop Meets Games Console A Revolution in Your Multimedia Entertainment

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Acer AspireRevo: Nettop Meets Games Console
A Revolution in Your Multimedia Entertainment

2009-04-08 - New York With the enormous success the netbook brought, in very little time a new market segment was created that revolutionized the arena of the portable computer. The world of desktops has now also taken a step up with the introduction of the nettop. These are computers of reduced dimensions and at a lower cost than traditional PCs which are ideal for satisfing all basic requirements of surfing the Internet, downloading and watching rich content, playing videos and games , running typical office programs or communicating with VOIP using the optional webcam.

Today, Acer changes the industry landscape by introducing the Acer AspireRevo, the new nettop that offers advanced graphic capabilities for full enjoyment of multimedia contents in high definition. AspireRevo is a true entertainment center for the entire family, not only offering immediate access to music, video and images, but can also transmit and stream HD content and be used as a gaming console.

The AspireRevo is, in fact, the first small form factor PC to offer the NVIDIA® ION™ platform that combines the Intel® Atom™ 230 processor with the NVIDIA ION graphics processor. Apart from its low energy consumption and reduced dimensions, it has the graphic capability worthy of a true multimedia PC. The highly integrated NVIDIA® ION™ GPU delivers 10X faster graphics performance than other small desktop PCs, resulting in extraordinary multimedia entertainment and high-definition quality. Certified for Windows Vista Premium, NVIDIA® ION™ ensures access to complex video with full graphic support.

“The Acer AspireRevo is a bold new direction for the PC industry,” says Acer. “It is a compact, stylish, fully capable PC that uses less energy and provides a brilliant visual experience for daily digital life, games and even high definition video.”

“The Acer AspireRevo with our new NVIDIA ION GPU is a shockingly small home PC,” said Drew Henry, general manager for MCP products at NVIDIA. “You will be stunned and amazed watching HD videos, editing photos, surfing the web and playing the latest online games.”

Characterized by refined design and reduced dimensions (only one liter!), Acer AspireRevo is decisively practical and versatile and is perfectly adapted to any environment. Futhermore, thanks to a special mounting system, it’s possible to attach the device on the back of any LCD or TV panel with a VESA attachment to offer the user an All-In-One capability and increase the working or playing area. Like this, the AspireRevo can find enough space for any room, from the kitchen to the bedroom or the lounge, without any problem. The VESA mount offers vertical adjustment ensuring that the power-on button, optional webcam and memory card reader are always perfectly accessible from the top of any LCD display used.

Acer AspireRevo is also available in a bundle that comes with a game controller with 3D motion sensors offering numerous functionalities. Besides being able to be used like a pointing-device (air mouse) or remote control for the media center, the controller transforms into 3 primary different gaming scenarios from an airplane/race-car steering device, or a tennis racket/baseball bat or a shooting device with built-in trigger. The device is very sophisticated and does not only keep track of points during the game, but captures and tracks very precise user motion.

Furnished with a rich endowment of portals, the AspireRevo can be connected with ease to a wide variety of devices. The 802.11b/g (and /Draft-N on selected models) wireless or Gigabyte Ethernet network connection guarantees an ultrafast network connection into the network of other home computers. while the HDMI™ portal allows a true-to-life reproduction of Full HD video.

Its in the Living Room connected to a large flat panel TV where the AspireRevo really comes alive. The ability to use a small, quiet, and fully capable PC in the heart of the Living Room where families may view their digital photos and videos, use free MSN Messenger with the webcam in video conference mode, play family friendly physically active games and also still be able to run standard PC applications, makes the AspireRevo an indispensable asset to the modern home.

A compact, sleek desktop designed to go anywhere in your home, the AspireRevo features the incredible graphics processing power of NVIDIA® ION™ coupled with the low power Intel Atom 230/330 processor. ION enables the AspireRevo to deliver a premium Windows experience at an unprecedented price. Watch 1080p HD movies, play DirectX 10 games at great frame rates, and enjoy all the 3D capabilities of Microsoft Windows Vista Premium. This space-saving, quiet design can be used as a fully functional home office PC or as a living room PC for casual gaming on your television.
Even the hardware characteristics do not disappoint expectations. Besides being equipped with the Intel® Atom™ 230 processor and NVIDIA® ION™ GPU, the AspireRevo comes with a choice of a Serial ATA Hard Drive or Solid State Drive and up to 4GB of DDR2memory that allows quick performance without problems for all the most widely-used range of applications. A Mini PCI Express slot offers the possibility of expanding memory capacity to make space for continuously growing multimedia files.

a ‘Touch’ is all You Need with the New Acer All-in-one Multimedia and Aesthetics in 24 inch

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a ‘Touch’ is all You Need with the New Acer All-in-one
Multimedia and Aesthetics in 24 inch

2009-04-08 - New York In time, the multiple uses for computers have undergone evolutions and transformations. This doesn’t just involve simple work tool with highly technical performance features. PCs have become real companions for all daily activities, now indispensable to just about every household. Today the aesthetic appearance of the PC is more than just a bonus, especially in context of the home. Features such as design and proportions have gained even greater importance.

Acer has attentively followed the new market trends and has amplified these new dynamics through focused research and development that has demonstrated that rich specification into All-in-one no longer needs to command the extraordinary price premium seen today.

The result of this research has led to some really interesting news: the new All-in-one Acer Aspire Z5600 PC, characterized by its sought-after design, a spacious 24inch display and grand multimedia capability represents a current revolution in the world of PCs and it is engineered to maximize the full promise of the next operating system from Microsoft called Windows 7. Apart from the many refinements of Windows 7 over Vista, the Aspire Z5600 offers full touch screen capability at an affordable price. No longer do users have to be limited to the use of keyboard and mouse controls or be restricted with expensive propriety touch implementations, with the Windows 7 touch capability, users may freely alternate control of the PC with mouse or touch at their ergonomically enhanced leisure.

The miniaturization of internal components has allowed the all hardware to be placed on the rear of the LCD display. The result is an All-in-one device that merges power and elegance in a streamlined device. The new Aspire Z5600 is a mainstream affordable PC that guarantees elevated functionality thanks to the latest generation of Intel processors and spacious HDD capacity of up to 2TB. The latest generation of MXM graphic processors ensures optimum multimedia performance.

The Acer Aspire Z5600 is perfect for complimenting the most sophisticated environments and can be easily positioned in any room of your residence, from the lounge to the study or a child’s room. The new silver Aspire Z5600 is an entire digital entertainment system that integrates all the necessities of a true rich multimedia PC; including TV tuner to watch and record favorites television programs, integrated webcam for video calls to keep in touch with relatives and friends, and an incorporated DVD/Blu-Ray player/writer combo for playing back or burning movies, music and video.
The 24inch touch screen guarantees an extremely instantaneous and intuitive recreational and professional multimedia experience. With the simple touch of a finger it’s possible to select, to browse through files, start applications and to navigate menu options to manage data, audio, video and image files. At any time, the touch screen option can be easily converted and the Aspire Z5600 can be used like a general mouse and keyboard PC.

A New Way to Say Netbook Acer to announce the new Aspire One 11,6”

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A New Way to Say Netbook
Acer to announce the new Aspire One 11,6”

Born as a niche phenomenon, the netbook has been dispersed throughout the world, and with Gartner reviews estimating an increase in sales for 2009 that will mean 21 million units distributed sold at a global level (with a more cautious prediction 8 millions made 6 months ago).

Netbooks represent a fully strategic category of products that complete Acer’s mobility products, which have always been the core of the business.
Acer has taken care of every detail, from winning design to personalized interface and diversification of connection options. All these combined elements have allowed the Aspire One to be the most sold netbook on the market.

Being always-connected anywhere represents a diffused trend in the habits of the end-user. Younger generations seek a tool that allows them to communicate with instant messaging or to always be connected to their social networks. Professionals want a device that unites connectivity with mobility, a second or third computer to always carry with them be able to enjoy multimedia contents, internet or e-mail in every instant.

Today, Acer is taking on different dimensions: A new extended family, custom made for all. Where a variety of people in different stages of their life can gain satisfaction in the way they choose to communicate. Acer’s strategy winning is to enrich it’s product proposition to multiply affinity between user and their product.

Design therefore becomes a fundamental element for transmitting this world of ideas and meanings that it is connected to.
Today, Acer extends this family with an all-new the new 11.6” format.

Besides offering full connectivity, the new line is characterized for its defined style. Available in four glossy colors - white, dark blue, red and black – its design aspects do not go unobserved. Thin and aerodynamics, the new Acer netbooks evoke speed and mobility, underlining the ability to surpass the boundaries of space and time and to experience connectivity anywhere in full freedom.

The 11.6” Aspire One is equipped with an Intel® Atom™ processor and Mobile Intel® US15W Express Chipset. Notwithstanding the small size, the 11.6” Aspire One features a large 160 GB internal hard drive and a multi-in-one card reader.

Thickness reduced to one inch (only 2.5 cm), it’s made for portability. The integration of WiFi 802.11b/g and Acer Signal Up technology allows easy access to available wireless networks, while Bluetooth connectivity and 3G guarantees even greater freedom: connection at 360 degrees, full control of the online experience, without limits on time and space.

This way, there are no limits to social interaction online, if not for those of the imagination. Acer developed the Aspire One 11,6 inch following a very clear point: by observing the daily life and the formal procedures of end users, and to combine them into special experience.
Elegant details, like the hinges of the screen and the aerodynamic metal shape with a drop of color inside or the activation switch on immersed in color that contrast with the surface texture, capture attention.

In the 11.6 inch versions, the attention to detail is extreme: the keyboard is ’soft-touch’, to increase typing conform and give a pleasant feeling while chatting on-line with the friends. Dolby Pro Logic® sound and high-definition WXGA screen WXGA back-lit LED screen simulate the most advanced multimedia entertainment station; the extreme slimness, reduced to 2.5 cm of thickness, weighing just a little more than one kilo and with an 8 hours based on 6 cell 5200 mAh battery make the Aspire One easy to take with you, always.

Furthermore, there is a digital microphone and Acer Crystal Eye a webcam built into the frame: a small window to the world, to maintain the contacts by means of real-time video streaming, video chat and conference calling.
To make these netbooks thinner and to improve portability, the VGA and LAN doors were placed in the back angles of casing for comfortable access to cable management. Portal icons were printed on the borders to identify them more easily and to make them visible even when the cover is closed. One last practical detail: the touchpad is ‘multi-gesture’, allowing you to leaf through pages in the same manner as of a newspaper and allowing you to zoom with just a touch

Unleash Your Senses and Free Your Imagination with the New Acer Aspire 8935 and 5935

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Unleash Your Senses and Free Your Imagination with the New Acer Aspire 8935 and 5935
2009-04-08 - New York Don’t open your eyes, not yet. Let your fingertips explore the world of emotions inspired by the new Acer Aspire 8935 and 5935 notebooks. Caress the curved lines of the smooth polished cover that will accompany you to the discovery of the boundless display, devoid of a frame right down to the hinges. Hence the polished texture of the casing’s surface that slides down to the gentle rippling of the console where wrists and palms find secure resting, with fingers ready to rebound on the shiny floating keypad. Typing has never been so comfortable. Fingers will then find their place on the middle console, where with a light touch they have total control of the world of colors and sounds created by the Aspire 8935 and 5935.

Now open your eyes and let yourself be astonished by the surprising visual experience. The LED rear-lit CineCrystal™ display panel with 16:9 aspect ratio in 15.6 inch and 18.4 inch formats will allow you to gather in all of the details of your favorite films and the photographs of your life with Full HD 1920×1080 resolution (Aspire 8935 only). Intense natural colors are guaranteed by a suite of image optimization technologies and from the superior quality of contrast ratios. Even the keyboard will charm your eyes: the back-lighting will allow you to type even when the lights are down low.

Captivating audio will cull your senses to the center stage of every scene. The third generation Dolby Home Theater® system will wrap you with high definition sounds, with True5.1 Channel surround sound; and the Acer Tuba CineBass amplifier will allow you to experience the thrill of low frequency bass effects.

The Technological Heart
The new Aspire notebooks are driven by the latest Intel processor technologies that let you take advantage of superior performance even with the most demanding applications and offer you the enjoyment of exceptional high definition entertainment. With a choice of graphic solutions you can opt for the right one for your needs.

In terms of memory the new notebooks offer up to 4 GB of DDR3 memory for an ultra fast system response and seamless handling of multitasking demands. As for storage, the Aspire 8935 can accommodate 2 HDD’s for a maximum capacity of up to 1TB of capacity, while the Aspire 5935 be equipped with up to 500 GB HDD to easily store your growing digital archive. A built-in 6-in-1 card reader supports the most used card formats allowing simple and speedy data transfer.

Full connectivity is ensured by the most advanced wireless and wired technologies: 802.11b/g/Draft-N Wi-Fi CERTIFIED® network connection supporting Acer SignalUp™ with Nplify™ wireless technology, built-in Bluetooth® 2.0+, Gigabit LAN and modem. The new Aspire laptops can also be equipped with WIMAX connection.

The Acer Video Conference solution including Acer Crystal Eye webcam, Acer Video Conference Manager Software and the optional Acer Xpress VoIP phone lets you keep in touch with your friends and family or set up video conferences with business contacts.
To protect your computer and your data from unauthorized access the Aspire 8935 and 5935 can be equipped with Acer Bio-Protection, an adaptable fingerprint software package that not only offers a biometric protection for your computer but ensures a convenient and personalized way to launch applications, favourite links and play-lists.

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