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April 3, 2009

ASUS Bags Prestigious 2009 Red Dot Design Awards

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ASUS Bags Prestigious 2009 Red Dot Design Awards

Innovative Eee PC™, Notebooks and EeeKeyboard PC Garner Top Honors with Innovative Designs

For distinctions in high quality design, ASUS has received the prestigious 2009 red dot design awards for the Eee PC™ S101, the EeeKeyboard PC, the ASUS S121 and P30 notebooks, and the ASUS Chocolate notebook keyboard. Furthermore, the ASUS RT-N17 wireless storage router and ASUS L-Series laptop bags also won red dot design Honourable Mention awards.

The international red dot design award ranks among the largest and most famous design competitions in the world. Each year an international jury reviews and evaluates the submitted products according to stringent criteria like degree of innovation, functionality and the formal quality of the product. This ensures that the seriousness of the competition and its international acceptance is upheld.

ASUS is proud to present the red dot award: product design 2009 winners:

Eee PC™ S101
The ASUS Eee PC™ S101 is exquisitely designed for fashion forward individuals who view style as much of a factor of success as substance. Boasting a wholly reforged exterior in four gorgeous colors—Brown, Champagne, Graphite or Pink—accentuated with delightful details such as premium Infusion finishes and crystal-adorned hinges, a successful melding of fashion and functionality easily situates it at the pinnacle of portable computing.

ASUS S121 notebook
The ASUS S121 notebook was born of a desire to fulfill the demanding needs of today’s busy executives, as well as keeping them looking stylish wherever their work takes them. Dressed to impress, the S121 sports a majestic glossy brown finish with shimmering fibers that graces the LCD lid, while CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements masterfully imbedded into intricately crafted metallic hinges add a touch of class, reminiscent of a pair of marquis-cut diamond cuff-links on a business suit. To further complete this fusion of high fashion and functionality, exquisite leather-wrapped palm rests are housed within a svelte 2.3cm profile and feather-light 1.45kg body. Coupled with a comfortable 12.1” screen, up to 250GB of hard disk space and 8 hours of battery life with the exclusive ASUS Super Hybrid Engine, the ASUS S121 has redefined the meaning of digital luxury.

EeeKeyboard PC
The most innovative and exciting computer available today, the space-saving and supremely portable EeeKeyboard PC offers the complete functionality of a desktop PC in a slim and stylish keyboard that weighs under 1kg. It easily turns any big-screen TV or LCD monitor into a fully functional PC and video/audio transmission device via its Ultra Wide Band Wireless connectivity—making it suitable for any modern home. A 5-inch touch panel provides users with an interactive and intuitive means of controlling the screen cursor.

ASUS P30 notebook
The ASUS P30 notebook helps deliver a total solution for secure and trusted mobile computing. It features outstanding power efficiency with the ASUS Super Hybrid Engine (SHE); while the ASUS Xpress Charge feature speedily recharges the notebooks. It also delivers outstanding portability, being less than 1 inch in thickness and only 3.3lbs in weight. The P30 also delivers secure data protection that encompasses: HDD ShockShield Protection to help prevent hard drive data loss by shock absorption; added security via the ASUS AI Pre-Boot Finger Logon; the AI Secure Delete function; as well as an Anti-theft technology that helps locate the notebook in case of theft. Furthermore, the P30 delivers outstanding reliability with a sturdy design based on a Magnesium Skeleton, allowing users to rest assured that these notebooks will withstand the rigors of mobile computing.

ASUS Chocolate notebook keyboard
The ASUS Chocolate notebook keyboard highlights not only better ergonomic comfort, but also a visually cleaner appearance and more distinctive typing area. With a larger touch area, finger contact is increased dramatically and tight key spacing reduces dust accumulation. With a larger differentiation between the alphabetical keys and functional keys, smoother typing is achieved, and chances of typos reduced. The ditch on top of each keycap also allows the user’s fingers to locate and rest naturally on the keyboard, while hotkeys provide one-touch convenience. With a new area distribution, the central division of alphabetical keys is shifted more towards the center of the entire body, allowing the user’s typing position to be more in-line with the display screen. Combined with an improved aesthetic and more ergonomic typing gesture, the new ASUS Chocolate notebook keyboard aims to bring to users the best typing experience ever.

The ASUS RT-N17 is a wireless storage router that presents simple, convenient setup and usage for secure wireless networking within minutes. It encompasses EZ Setup for auto detection of prevailing WAN types and a manual-free setup for easy configurations. It also utilizes a Download and Upload Master feature for easy data transference to and from the router—without requiring a PC to be switched on. Furthermore, the RT-N17 provides easy backup solutions with just a push of a button and allows users to easily configure and utilize FTP / SAMBA / Printer / MFP sharing.

ASUS L-Series laptop bags
The ASUS L-Series laptop bags are part of the luxurious asus • COLLECTION lineup first created in 2008. Utilizing fabrics made from hi-tech nylon, the L-Shaped bags are lightweight, yet rugged to withstand moisture and constant wear and tear. Furthermore, with a perfectly constructed cut complemented by deluxe leather-wrapped carry handles and adjustable web shoulder straps, the L-Series laptop bags are a masterful blend of both style and function, making them perfect companions for any occasion.
Please visit for more details

World’s Most Intelligent Graphics Card Series Now Equipped with Upgraded Hybrid Cooler+

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World’s Most Intelligent Graphics Card Series Now Equipped with Upgraded Hybrid Cooler+

ASUS ROG ENGTX260 MATRIX Features Automatic and Independent Speed Control for Dual Fansink to Deliver Extreme, Intuitive Cooling

ASUS, the world’s leading producer of top-quality graphics solutions, today launched the ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) ENGTX260 MATRIX/HTDI/896MD3 graphics card. This innovative piece of hardware comes equipped with the upgraded dual fansink Hybrid Cooler+ for automatic and independent fan speed control. Dubbed as the world’s most intelligent cards, the MATRIX Series are also equipped with ROG-exclusive technologies and features that unleash the full power of graphics cards, allowing gamers to enjoy unrivaled in-game visuals. The graphics cards are able to achieve this through several unique features, including:

Twin fan control application that provides independent adjustments to the Hybrid Cooler+ fans
Integrated hardware and software for total graphics card control
Customizable functions that provide a new level of control to gamers
Accurate adjustments of GPU and memory voltages
Total monitoring of GPU/memory/Power IC/ambient temperatures
Total monitoring of GPU/memory/board power consumption
Automatic fan speed control in relation to the world’s only advanced GPU loading detection
Energy efficiency that surpasses generic boards
A Perfect Response to Gaming NeedsComprising of sleek lines, a futuristic-looking Hybrid Cooler+ and a black circuit board, the ASUS ROG ENGTX260 MATRIX is instantly recognizable as a piece of top-notch gaming gear. The ROG logo, which is prominently emblazoned on the cooler, symbolizes the ROG’s promise to deliver extreme gaming performance. The ROG ENGTX260 MATRIX is also equipped with the ASUS Super Hybrid Engine (SHE), Hybrid Cooler+ technology and iTracker, which delivers 21% performance boosts in 3D mode while guaranteeing 48% less power consumption; or much quieter cooling in 2D mode in order to fulfill gamers’ varied needs.

Up to 21% Faster in 3D ModeThe ROG ENGTX260 MATRIX’s GPU and memory voltages are increased from 1.15V to 1.18V, and 1.92V to 1.93V respectively when it runs in 3D mode. This enhances the GPU, shader, and memory clock performances with boosts from 576MHz to 700MHz, 1242MHz to 1500MHz, and 2000MHz to 2300MHz respectively. Such unparalleled performance upgrades enable the ROG ENGTX260 MATRIX to increase its 3DMark Vantage Extreme Mode score from 4656 to 5623—an unbelievable 21% speed improvement when compared to any other reference designed board*. With such unprecedented performance, gamers can now truly feel the adrenaline rush of true-to-life graphical quality—only with the ASUS ROG ENGTX260 MATRIX.

Automatic Proactive Cooling with Hybrid Cooler+ Labeled as the most intelligent and innovative GPU thermal solution available today, the Hybrid Cooler+ drew its inspiration from Hybrid cars. With a revolutionary combination of the fan and heatsink on one card, the Hybrid Cooler+ delivers its targeted level of performance in the most energy-efficient manner possible. When required, the two fans and heatsink will work together for optimum cooling, with both fan speeds automatically and independently controlled via the world’s only advanced GPU loading detection. This provides users with proactive cooling and greater energy efficiency when encountering lower graphics utilization—much like Hybrid cars. Besides this unprecedented cooling capacity, the noise level of Hybrid Cooler+ is 20% lower than generically designed fansinks that produce 45dB—catering to users who require maximum cooling without excessive fan rotation noise.

Auto Hardware Detection and Adjustments with Super Hybrid Engine ASUS’ exclusive SHE technology showcases its intelligence via a two-fold process. SHE first gathers detailed information in regards to the GPU loading, temperature, memory and power IC; then it calculates an optimized solution for the best performance. All of this happens in real-time, without requiring any modifications or inputs from the user—making it easy to achieve multi-level GPU and memory voltage adjustments for the ultimate in graphical performance or maximum energy savings.

One-click Control over Graphics Card Performances with iTracker The iTracker feature is a component of ASUS’ exclusive SHE technology, and offers four default profiles (Optimized Mode, Gaming Mode, Power Saving Mode, and Default mode) for gamers who desire one-click control over their graphics card’s performance. This handy application also displays real-time graphics card information that includes: the GPU/shader/memory clock, GPU/memory voltage, GPU loading, GPU/memory/power IC/ambient temperature, and fan speed—serving as a one-stop, complete system information portal. In addition, the fifth profile (User Defined Mode) enables real-time adjustments to the GPU/shader/memory clock, GPU/memory voltage, and fan speeds to suit different individual requirements.

Up to 48% Power Saved and Quiet Cooling in 2D ModeWhen running in 2D mode and during periods of lower power consumption, the ROG ENGTX260 MATRIX automatically reduces GPU and memory voltages from 1.15V down to 1.05V and from 1.92V to 1.90V respectively for great energy savings. Additionally, the Auto Phase Switch technology optimizes the power supplied by the power phase for maximum power efficiency. By combining the exceptional voltage reduction with Auto Phase Switch technology, the ROG ENGTX260 MATRIX’s power consumption is lowered from 56.07W to 28.92W—an astonishing 48% in power savings when compared to any other reference designed board*. Furthermore, the Hybrid Cooler+ helps reduce fan rotation speeds in 2D mode, allowing users to enjoy much quieter cooling for more comfortable computing environments.

March 26, 2009

ASUS Unveils Smart and Energy-Saving Displays for Work and Entertainment at CeBIT 2009

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ASUS Unveils Smart and Energy-Saving Displays for Work and Entertainment at CeBIT 2009

A Myriad of Innovative Display Solutions and the World’s First Wireless Monitor Amongst Highlights at CeBIT 2009

ASUS, a leader in the production of LCD monitors, is proud to unveil an array of innovative and energy-efficient LCD monitors that are geared not only to provide convenience to the user, but also protect the environment. These LCD monitors represent a leap forward in LCD manufacturing, and combine contemporary styling and user-centric innovations to deliver uncompromising performance.

EzLink Series - Work Smarter and Faster with Wireless Connectivity
The ASUS Wireless LCD Monitor is a breakthrough in user-centric design, providing professionals with a minimalist approach in terms of connecting a monitor to a desktop or notebook. The new generation EzLink technology enables users to connect displays either via Wireless Host Controller Interface (WHCI) or Wireless USB HWA (Host Wire Adapter) which delivers the same performance as a conventional display.

Energy-efficient Green Monitor VH192C and VH196
Consistent with the objectives of Green ASUS—an initiative committed to protecting the environment in areas such as design, procurement and manufacturing—ASUS has developed the energy-efficient VH192C and VH196 LCD monitors. These monitors are designed with the environment in mind—utilizing low levels of mercury during construction and just two lamps to save more than 20% in power consumption. An advanced optical film provides brilliant image performance without sacrificing brightness, and the Aspect Control technology delivers a 4:3 aspect ratio or full screen playback for sharp, vibrant and distortion-free images. The ASUS VH192C also incorporates the Color Shine glare-type panel that enriches image color density and saturation, clarifies borders and further improves image clarity.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please visit for more details.

ASUS at CeBIT 2009
For more details about our highlighted products, please come visit us at Hall 26, Stand D39 from March 3rd to 8th, 2009.

ASUS Republic of Gamers Primed to Blow the Competition Away at CeBIT 2009

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ASUS Republic of Gamers Primed to Blow the Competition Away at CeBIT 2009

Star Lineup of Gaming Products Provide Exciting Solutions for all Gamers

The ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) was out in full force at CeBIT 2009, showcasing a stellar cast of the most innovative and exciting gaming products and peripherals. Staying true to their promise of delivering the best available technology for uncompromising performance, the ROG was able to enthrall gamers with all-rounded gaming solutions that included: blazingly-fast desktops, “icy-cool” thermal coolers, powerful gaming notebooks and much more.

ampage II GENE: Atomic in Size, Atomic in Power
The new X58-based ROG Rampage II GENE motherboard was designed to cater to overwhelming demand for a mATX gaming and enthusiast motherboard. Hailing from ASUS’ world record-breaking Rampage II lineage, the Rampage II GENE will allow users to harness the full power of the Intel® Core™ i7 processor in a chassis the fraction of the size and weight of an ATX desktop PC. Boasting premium features such as MemOK! for worry-free memory upgrades and CPU Level Up for easy system performance boosts, the Rampage II GENE’s awesome combination of overclockability, tweakability and stability enable it to easily outgun other full-sized ATX motherboards with ease. Furthermore, the onboard SupremeFX X-Fi solution delivers crisp audio and incredibly realistic in-game sound effects—allowing gamers to enjoy total immersion in games.

G-1000HA: Enjoy Pure Power with ASUS G-1000HA
The ASUS G-1000HA is a state of the art power supply that conforms to the demanding needs of today’s ever changing hardware, where stable and high performance power is paramount. The Intel ATX 12V V2.31 compliant ASUS G-1000HA power supply does all these things with ease. With a real 1000 watt power supply rating with active PFC (PF>0.99), it can deliver environmentally friendly power and is able to support Duo Core and Quad Core CPUs; as well as PCI-Express 2.0 graphic cards. It is also equipped with a 13.5 cm ball-bearing fan with auto thermal acoustics noise control–making for quieter operations. The PSU G-1000HA is also equipped with Japan-made capacitor for enhanced stability, performance and durability, five dedicated +12V rails for reliable output, and is 80 PLUS certified to provide up to 87% efficiency at 230VAC input.

Triton 81, Triton 88 and Troy Square: Ultimate CPU Cooling Solutions
The ASUS Triton 81, Triton 88 and Troy Square are highly effective thermal solutions specifically designed to handle ongoing advancements of computational and processor power. Capable of supporting powerful Quad-Core™ processors and the latest Intel® Core™ i7 processor (LGA 1366), this impressive lineup of thermal solutions also feature outstanding innovations* such as:
• Exclusive 4-way airflow heatsink design
• Exclusive twin-pillared heatsink design
• 120mm inner-fan with a Diamond blue LED
• 6 copper heatpipes for ultimate cooling performances
• Support of up to 180W overclocking

These choice thermal solutions undoubtedly allow gamers and power users to stay cool, while pushing their hardware to the limit and beyond.
* Please check individual model specifications for detailed product specifications.

ROG Matrix Series VGA: Rule Your Game with World’s Most Intelligent Graphics Card
The ASUS ROG Matrix Series is equipped with the Super Hybrid Engine technology for automatic detection and adjustment of voltage, clock settings, and fan speeds to achieve the ultimate in performance or maximum energy savings. Additionally, the Hybrid Cooler technology delivers extreme or quieter cooling according to gamer needs. The ASUS ROG EAH4870 MATRIX is even equipped with an upgraded dual-fansink Hybrid Cooler+, which automatically and independently adjusts the speeds of both fans—preventing overheating of not only the GPU/memory modules but also the Power ICs. Last but not least, iTracker provides users with 5 scenario GUI modes for easy customization of their preferred usage.

ASUS G71Gx: Powerful Mobile Gaming with World’s Fastest Notebook Graphics Processor
A member of the highly impressive G Series notebooks, the ASUS G71Gx is designed specifically to cater to gaming enthusiasts. Equipped with a 17-inch WUXGA full high definition display with quick response time and powered by the world’s fastest GeForce™ GTX 260M graphics processor with GDDR3 1024MB VRAM, the ASUS G71Gx boasts up to 50% more graphics performance for unrivalled graphics performance. The G71Gx also supports the NVIDIA® PureVideo® HD technology to bring sharper and smoother video transitions while utilizing very little power. Dual channel DDR2 800GHz and support for 3 x SODIMM up to 12GB of memory provide truly fast paced gaming; while up to 1TB (500GB x 2) dual SATA storage drives, Blu-ray support, four dedicated Altec Lansing speakers delivers to gamers the muscle to take on their opponents decisively.

Immersive Gamer-centric User Benefits
ASUS’ concept gaming notebook epitomizes its efforts to enhance the sensory experience of gamers. It offers panel improvement (enhancing panel saturation, brightness and contrast); while stringent selection of the best panels and graphics cards offer the best possible visual enjoyment. These notebooks will also incorporate interactive lights and sounds for a more immersive visual spectacle; while 3D surround-sound audio via headphones or the system will complement the overall visual reality experience—delivering quite possibly the next step in gaming in a fully immersive entertainment environment.

ASUS ROG CG6190: Latest & Highest Performing Intel X58 Gaming PC
The ASUS ROG CG6190 Gaming PC was engineered with serious gamers in mind. Equipped with Intel®’s latest X58 chipset platform—the Core™ i7 processor, it is able to deliver extreme gaming performances to suit any hardcore gamer. Furthermore, the ROG CG6190 Gaming PC features top-notch solutions including: triple channel high speed DDR3 memory for high speed processing, the world’s fastest single GPU solution—the GeForce GTX285 graphics card for ultra-realistic gaming motions, a built-in biometric fingerprint scanner for system security, a SupremeFX X-Fi Audio Card capable of 3D nine virtual speaker audio experiences, and a unique dual power system and customized liquid cooling modules for non-stop sustainability. All of these amazing features add up to deliver the most engaging, most exclusive, and most exciting gaming experience ever.

ASUS PG Series 120Hz Gaming Monitor: Complete Gaming Pleasure with Lightning-fast Response and Crystal-clear Visual Quality
In the world of Internet and LAN gaming, just having quick reflexes isn’t enough—crisp and crystal-clear images are absolutely vital to gamers. ASUS’ concept 120Hz Gaming Monitor will be demoed at CeBIT 2009, and is specifically designed to provide gamers with the competitive edge by delivering a 120Hz frame rate—eliminating motion blur while panning or tracking fast-moving objects during FPS gameplay. The ASUS 120Hz Gaming Monitor also adopts Trace Free Technology for smoother graphics with 2ms (GTG) quick response time; while the ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio technology delivers a 20,000:1 aspect ratio for more realistic night scenes during gameplay or watching movies.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please visit for more details.

ASUS at CeBIT 2009
For more details about our highlighted products, please come visit us at Hall 26, Stand D39 from March 3rd to 8th, 2009.

March 16, 2009

ASUS Unveils Lineup of High Performance Components at CeBIT 2009

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ASUS Unveils Lineup of High Performance Components at CeBIT 2009

World Record Breaking Notebook, Innovative Motherboards, Graphics Cards and Chassis Set to Wow Audiences

Year by year, the demand for high performance components has been increasing in the realm of computing. In catering to such demands and expectations, ASUS, a leading company in the new digital era, has developed innovative technologies that will allow users to achieve the best possible performance and is set to highlight these during CeBIT 2009.

ASUS W90: The Fastest Notebook on the Planet with World Record Broken at 20284 3DMarks
Experience the power of the world’s best performance notebook—the ASUS W90, which has succeeded in breaking the world record in notebook overclocking. With the help of a world-renowned professional overclocker, the ASUS W90 has proven to be a notebook with power comparable to that of a desktop PC by achieving a massive 3DMark 06 score of 20284—outperforming its closest rival, a notebook equipped with an Intel® Core™ 2 Quad processor. Powered by an Intel® X38 chipset and an Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor, together with the unique ASUS Turbo Gear function, the W90 lets users enjoy system performance boosts of up to 25%*. With a 3 x SO-DIMM mainboard design and a maximum RAM capacity of 6GB of DDR2-800 memory, the W90 is ideally designed for multitasking and multimedia performance. Dual hard disk drives provide up to one terabyte of storage capacity, allowing users to do more, as well as store more documents or multimedia. The W90 is also now available with more advanced specifications such as the Intel® Quad Core™ Q9000 CPU (T9550 / P8700) and Windows Vista 64 bit Ultimate. It also delivers astounding multimedia performance, thanks largely to a seamless Full HD1080p, 18.4” widescreen display with a 16:9 golden aspect ratio ultra bright LCD display. The W90 can also be equipped with either a dual graphics ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 4870, ATI® Mobility Radeon™ HD3850 X2 or the NVIDIA® GeForce™ 9800M GS for truly stunning visuals.

Marine Cool Motherboard: Revolutionary Design and Advanced Innovations to Deliver Ultimate Stability and Durability
The ASUS Marine Cool motherboard is a conceptual motherboard that caters to the most demanding of usage environments; and combines a unique design with advanced thermal innovations in the use of ceramics and metals. On the front of the motherboard, a metal heat-pipe module provides exceptional heat transference and dissipation for core components. Located on the back of the motherboard and set flush with the PCB, the Ceramic Backplate makes full use of a revolutionary micro-porous ceramic technology to provide a larger surface area—helping to effectively convey heat from the motherboard PCB and deliver highly effective heat dissipation. Together, this revolutionary thermal design helps improve thermal efficiency by up to 2 times! Additionally, this motherboard features Onboard UPS—a built-in polymer battery that provides an extra backup power supply that activates when there is a power failure—averting damage caused during unexpected blackouts. Furthermore, the server-standard Failover Memory design utilizes built-in memory to help sustain system boot-up. When the PC is switched on, Failover Memory guarantees that the system will boot, regardless of incompatible or faulty memory.

M4A78-HTPC Series Motherboards: The Fun Home Theater Center
The ASUS M4A78-HTPC Series of motherboards is the ideal platform for users to build a full-fledged home theater PC. It features several innovative technologies which provide users with a whole new realm of multimedia enjoyment. With Perfect Pitch Hi-Fi, a high-quality integrated preamplifier chip increases the voltage of weak audio signals and enlarges the dynamic audio frequency—delivering richer details and clearer sounds. In addition, gold-plated RCA stereo audio connectors that are fully compatible with amplifiers without requiring extra connectors make it easy to link the PC to home theater speakers. The ASUS Media Gate is a user-friendly interface that allows users to use the bundled remote controller to easily start media applications with one touch. Furthermore, the ASUS Silent Mode effectively reduces fan speed and lowers fan noise to deliver a quiet environment for maximum movie watching and music listening enjoyment.

Formula Fansink Series Graphics Cards:
Built for Ultimate Performance
The Formula Fansink Series’ F1 style and design deliver a message to users—that they are graphics cards bred for ultimate performance. The streamline shaped cover enables faster and more centralized airflow to be sucked into the system for better thermal efficiency. The Formula Fansink phases in a Micro Surface Treatment technology that encompasses a high-density and anti-oxidizing aluminum-alloy fin module that makes up the flank portions of the graphics card. Each fin module is comprised of hemispherical cavities that maximize the surface area exposed to the air for the best heat dissipation—allowing this series of graphics cards to deliver outstanding cooling. Furthermore, the dust proof fan guarantees astounding heat dissipation efficiency and helps extend the lifespan of the cards; while up to five powerful heat pipes are arranged to enable the average temperature to enhance heat transfer effects.

TA-U Series Aluminum Chassis: Exquisitely Handcrafted Quality Design for Extreme Protection and Durability
Targeting users who require a chassis that provides excellent functionality as well as a trendy aesthetic design, the ASUS VENTO TA-U Series chassis is built with a unique frame that provides users with a strong and sturdy design that is surprisingly lightweight. With support for future cooling solutions, as well as superb ventilation options, this stylish chassis offers the best platform to deliver the best computing experience.

TA-M Series Chassis: Maximum Thermal Performance and User-Friendly Setup with a Stylish Look
The TA-M Series chassis provides practical functionality as well as a modern and stylish look. This chassis series utilizes a well-built yet aesthetically pleasing design that incorporates a user-friendly screw-less design for easy installation, and a multi-way ventilation system for maximizing thermal efficiency, especially for the CPU and graphics cards.

My Cinema-EHD2-100 and P7131Hybrid, My Cinema-U3100Mini
Catering to users who wish to watch and record digital and analog TV on their PCs at the same time, users can look out for two different bus solutions—the ASUS My Cinema-EHD2-100 and P7131Hybrid TV tuners—which support both digital (DVBT) and analog (PAL) TV program formats, and are also equipped with an array of versatile utilities to allow users to enjoy a complete multimedia experience right on the PC. Furthermore, the My Cinema-EHD2-100 is embedded with a Hardware MPEG2 Encoder, so that CPU loading can be dramatically reduced while guaranteeing high-quality video. Besides these internal TV tuner solutions, ASUS has also designed the most mobile TV solution—the My Cinema-U3100Mini. With the My Cinema-U3100Mini, users will be able to watch and record high-quality digital (DVBT) TV programs on their PCs or notebooks anytime, anywhere.

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please visit for more details.

ASUS Displays Full Range of Innovative Business Solutions at CeBIT 2009

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ASUS Displays Full Range of Innovative Business Solutions at CeBIT 2009

New Commercial Solutions Deliver Ease in Setup, High-quality Performance and Flexible Expansion

ASUS, a leading company in the new digital era, highlighted several innovative commercial solutions aimed at consumers in the business and SOHO market. In this year’s CeBIT exhibition, ASUS’ has highlighted a new range of commercial electronic products from networking, server and mobile computing solutions to help empower higher business efficiency, secure networking and easy network setup.

Easily Setup and Perform Web Tasks with new ASUS EZ UI
Setting up networks or connections to the Internet have become quick and easy with ASUS’ newly designed user interface. The user-friendly interface, dubbed EZ UI, brings together six key features: Quick Internet Setup (QIS), Network Map, Dr. Surf, AiDisk, EZQoS and EZ All-in-One Printer Sharing, all controlled and managed under a single, easy-to-use user interface.
The EZ UI includes the following features:
Breeze Through Lengthy Setup Procedures with QIS

* ASUS QIS automates setup procedures for network devices by intelligently detecting the type of Internet connection each individual user has.
* Foolproof, easy-to-follow setup guide takes users through entire setup process in just two clean steps.

Get the Big Picture with Network Map

* Provides users with a complete overview of the network device map and network status.
* Displays useful information such as WAN/LAN connection status, SSID and encryption level, number of wired and wireless devices connected and even the number of USB devices connected.

Real-time Diagnostics with Dr. Surf

* Automatically detects type of Internet connection and offers real-time diagnostics.
* Displays a comprehensive device map displaying connected devices and simple settings for encryption and WPS for helpful troubleshooting.
* Instead of just showing an error page on the IE browser, Dr. Surf aids in connecting to the Internet by helping users complete their WAN settings.

EZQoS – Bandwidth-On-Demand for Prioritized Bandwidth Usage

* Prioritizes Internet bandwidth according to user needs.
* A single click to prioritize bandwidth for online gaming, FTP, or video and audio streaming.

Share Resources More Effectively with EZ All-in-One Printer Sharing

* “Auto switching function” enables multiple users to utilize multifunctional printers without a PC or server turned on 24 hours a day.
* User-friendly setup utility to allow users to start printing and scanning wirelessly by just few steps, totally manual free!

Easy and Hassle-free File Sharing with ASUS AiDisk

* 3 steps to provide file sharing with users anywhere and anytime!
* Allows users to utilize the format of to register unique hostnames instead of hard-to-remember IP addresses or URLs.
* Creates a mini FTP server for easy file sharing; and achieve easy remote backups of important files with the ability to remotely logging onto the AiDisk via notebooks, PDA or smart phones when out and about.

EZ UI application is now featured in the ASUS WL-500gPv2 and WL-520GU wireless routers

Trusted Performance and Productivity for SMBs
Targeted at SMBs, the ASUS P30 and P80 notebooks—part of ASUS’ latest P Series commercial lineup, help deliver a total solution for secure and trusted mobile computing. The P30 and P80 feature outstanding power efficiency—providing more than 12 hours in battery life; while the ASUS Xpress Charge feature can speedily recharge the notebooks in just 90 minutes. The P30 and P80 also deliver secure data protection that encompasses: the HDD ShockShield Protection to help prevent hard drive data loss by absorbing shocks caused due to movement, accidental drops or collisions; the ASUS AI Pre-Boot Finger Logon for added security; the AI Secure Delete function; as well as an Anti-theft technology that helps locate the notebook in case of theft. Furthermore, the P Series comes equipped with an Extended Global Service, which provides 3 years of global service warranty*; as well as the innovative ASUS Smart Assist feature, which provides timely support for users in connecting to their local service centers for prompt troubleshooting via instant messaging, emailing and phone calls. The P Series also delivers outstanding reliability with adherence to high quality standards and guidelines. Furthermore, with a sturdy design based on a Magnesium Skeleton, users can rest assured that these notebooks will be able to withstand the rigors of mobile computing.

The P30 also serves as the ultimate in mobility, being less than 1 inch in thickness and only 3.3lbs in weight; while the P80 provides multi-configuration flexibility without compromises with its Hot-Swap Module Bay.
*Only available in TWN, China, Germany, Italy, France, Australia, New Zealand

High-Performance and Energy-Efficient Super Computer on Workstation Board
The P6T6 and P6T7 WS motherboards are the ideal foundation for a powerful workstation or Super Computer. They are complemented with 6-7 Gen2 PCI-E x16 slots to deliver unparalleled I/O scalability for the most demanding tasks and upgrades in the future. These motherboards can support both SLI™ and CrossFireX™ technologies on the same motherboard—allowing users the flexibility of utilizing either TRUE x16 3-way/2way SLI™ technology or CrossFireX™. Additionally, these two motherboards will achieve outstanding and dependable performance in the role of a Personal Supercomputer when working in tangent with discrete CUDA technology—providing unprecedented return on investment. Furthermore, both motherboards are also equipped with two built-in SAS connectors varied choices in multiple storage solutions—allowing for faster, more reliable and stable data transfer. They also feature the ASUS EPU for system-wide power efficiency, and the unique Diag. LED helps users to easily troubleshoot errors found during bootup.

ASUS Z8 Series Server Motherboards: Performance Driven for Mission Critical Applications
The ASUS Z8 Series of server motherboards can cater to the most demanding tasks and upgrades in the future. Providing an ideal foundation for powerful and reliable performance, the Z8 Series includes features like: the ASUS Flex-E Technology that automatically transforms the motherboard into a dual-use serverboard for the advantages of both server and workstation modes; the optional ASUS PIKE that delivers flexible storage options and direct SAS RAID upgrades—without sacrificing expansion capability; and an optional ASMB4-iKVM upgrade kit that enables remote real-time full control access to the system by keyboard, video monitor and mouse (KVM over Ethernet) from any local computer anywhere, anytime. Furthermore, the Z8 Series utilizes all Japan-made ultra long life conductive polymer capacitors (sustainable for 57 years at 65°C) for improved durability, lifespan, and enhanced thermal capacity; while the ASUS EPU technology delivers system-wide power efficiency.

ASUS Server Systems: Delivering High Performance and Maximum Reliability
The following ASUS Server systems all utilize several common innovations to help business consumers increase work efficiency and storage flexibility. These features include: the ASUS optional PIKE, which delivers slim-sized and flexible storage options, as well as direct SAS RAID upgrades—without sacrificing expansion capability; the ASUS EPU technology, which provides total system power efficiency by automatically detecting current loadings and moderating power in real-time. Furthermore, these servers are certified to support Virtualization through a third party vendor software (like VMWare) to allow businesses to run multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine and share resources of that computer across multiple environments. This will help consolidate IT resources by increasing server utilization and flexibility, reducing the total cost of ownership, lowering power and cooling costs, and simplifying management.

Each of these next-generation server systems also incorporate different specifications and features to better cater to user-specific needs. The ASUS RS700D-E6/PS8 delivers high performance through double computing density, and utilizes two independent power supplys to eliminate the risk of dual systems sharing a single power supply—making it easy to maintain and enhancing system availability. For the ASUS RS700-E6/RS4, a professional Cable-less Design is utilized for enhanced system cooling; while its flexible 3+1 I/O expansion slots provide great expandability in 1U environments. The ASUS RS500-E6/PS4 provides users with superb performance, great expandability options in a 1U setting—all the while maintaining superb cost-effectiveness—making it ideally suited for the High Performance Computing (HPC) market segment. Last but not least, the ASUS RS520-E6/RS8’s mass storage capacity and complete RAID solution provides users with flexible choices for data mirroring and storage; and the flexible I/O expansion with a versatile riser kit gives users options for versatile expansion possibilities.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please visit for more details.

ASUS at CeBIT 2009
For more details about our highlighted products, please come visit us at Hall 26, Stand D39 from March 3rd to 8th, 2009.

ASUS Sets CeBIT 2009 Showfloor Abuzz with Award-winning Eee Innovations

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ASUS Sets CeBIT 2009 Showfloor Abuzz with Award-winning Eee Innovations

Inventive Eee Keyboard PC, Eee PC™ T91 Tablet and Eee PC™ 1008HA Enrapture Visitors

ASUS today dazzled the CeBIT 2009 showfloor with its groundbreaking Eee Keyboard PC and two new exciting Eee PC™ models—the Eee PC™ T91 and Eee PC™ 1008HA. For their bold innovation and exceptional product design, the buzz-generating Eee Keyboard PC and Eee PC™ T91 were awarded the first and second places in the CeBIT-PreView Awards respectively, based on the votes from a community of over 300 German media.

Eee Keyboard PC: A Fully Functional PC in an Ultra Slim Keyboard
Easily the most innovative and exciting computer available today, the space-saving and supremely portable Eee Keyboard PC offers the complete functionality of a desktop PC in a slim and stylish keyboard that weighs under 1kg. It easily turns any big-screen TV or LCD monitor into a fully functional PC and multimedia entertainment center via its Ultra Wide Band Wireless connectivity—making it suitable for any modern home. A 5-inch touch panel provides users with an interactive and intuitive means of controlling the screen cursor. For its visionary innovation and cutting-edge aesthetics, the Eee Keyboard PC was awarded first place in the CeBIT-PreView Awards

Eee PC™ T91: Fun at Your Fingertips
The Eee PC™ T91 tablet puts the fun and creativity back into computing with its 8.9” touchscreen. To maximize the user’s touch experience, the Eee PC™ T91 comes with a sensational collection of touch-optimized software collectively dubbed TouchSuite. The programs of particular note include:

* IE ToolBar: Embeds a convenient toolbar in Internet Explorer that enables users to easily zoom in and out of web pages by manipulating a slider with their fingers. It also simplifies and speeds up switching between open web pages.
* FotoFun: Allows users to flip through, organize, edit and upload their photos with just a flick of their fingers.
* Memos: Allows users to jot down handwritten notes which can then be ‘stuck’ on the desktop or even sent to other Eee PCs™.
* 3Doorway: Offers a quick and interactive means to switch between different user interfaces on the fly. Users can choose between XP, Widget and Touch modes.

These constitute just a fraction of the programs specially designed to add a touch of convenience to computing.

The Eee PC™ T91 weighs just 0.96kg and offers 5 hours*** of battery life. It is equipped with 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth, 3G plus (HSUPA)** connectivity, as well as a built-in GPS** and TV tuner**. The Eee PC™ T91 was awarded second place in the CeBIT-PreView Awards.

Eee PC™ 1008HA: Style. Take It Everywhere.
A mere 1” slim and 1.1kg light, the über-stylish Eee PC™ 1008HA is the embodiment of refined mobile computing. Dressed in a luxe pearlescent casing that gives off a captivating sheen, it features a desktop application bar called Eee Docking that provides one-click access to a full suite of exclusive software including:

* Eee Sharing: Makes it easy to synchronize Eee PCs™ with other computers and share messages and documents with other Eee PC™ users—even without Internet access.
* Eee Arena: Offers easy access to thousands of songs, videos, radio stations, games, magazines and more.

The Eee PC™ 1008HA offers great user comfort and convenience with its 92%-scaled keyboard, multi-touch touchpad, instant key (for quick access to Wi-Fi and the touchpad lock), Digital Array Mic, 1.3 megapixel camera, and comprehensive wireless connectivity options (802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth, 3.75G** and WiMAX**). It is also equipped with SRS Premium Sound technology for pristine audio playback quality.

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please visit for more details.
** Available as an option.
*** Operation lifetime subject to product model, normal usage conditions and configurations.

ASUS at CeBIT 2009
For more details about our highlighted products, please come visit us at Hall 26, Stand D39 from March 3rd to 8th, 2009.

ASUS Chairman Unveils New Brand Slogan and Showcases Latest Innovations at CeBIT 2009

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ASUS Chairman Unveils New Brand Slogan and Showcases Latest Innovations at CeBIT 2009

ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih unveiled the company’s new branding slogan—“Inspiring Innovation • Persistent Perfection”, and introduced several innovative products at an international press conference held at CeBIT 2009 in Hannover, Germany.

During the press conference, Shih took the opportunity to celebrate ASUS’ 20th anniversary, and remarked on the growth of the ASUS brand—from its humble beginnings to its current status as a leading company in the new digital era. As of 2008, ASUS is the fastest growing notebook brand worldwide, and has taken the No. 3 spot in the EMEA region.

Shih also shared with those present on how ASUS has strived to carve out a branding niche for the past 20 years, as well as how ASUS will realize the new branding spirit in the coming years.

The father of the Eee PC™ then introduced several innovative products, including the latest models from the Eee Family; among which are the Eee PC™ 1008HA and the Eee Keyboard PC. He then briefly showcased the latest thin and light ASUS notebook models—the U/UX Series, which boast revolutionary designs that deliver the best user experience.

Eee PC™ 1008HA
The Eee PC™ 1008HA is a mere 1” slim and 1.1kg in weight. Enveloped in a pearlescent casing with a tinge of marine influence, it exudes an appealing sheen akin to a seashell. The Eee PC™ 1008HA is an excellent example of how designs inspired by nature can be seamlessly integrated into a stylish mobile computing product.

Eee Keyboard PC
First unveiled at the CES exhibition earlier this year; the Eee Keyboard PC is a fully functional PC in the body of a super slim keyboard. Weighing less than 1kg, the Eee Keyboard PC is packed with cutting-edge innovations, and embodies the next step in portable computing with its space-savings and functionality. It even encompasses wireless HDMI connectivity, allowing it to easily turn any big-screen TV or LCD monitor into a fully functional PC and multimedia entertainment center.

U and UX Series Notebooks
The new U and UX Series are designed for the modern individual’s needs for a notebook that exudes high fashion and elegance. Each notebook a masterpiece in design, the softly contoured chassis, shrouded in a sleek and sophisticated glossy LCD lid, is supported by a frame inspired by the curvature of a butterfly’s wings. Reminiscent of Parisian streetlights in the evening skyline, the ASUS U and UX Series’ revolutionary illuminated ‘chiclet’ keyboard lights up brilliantly to provide users with the ability to type in the dark. Radiating immense desirability, the U and UX Series brings stylish modern day computing to the streets, delivering delight to the users’ senses and allowing them to work or play in resplendent style.

ASUS at CeBIT 2009
For more details about our highlighted products, please come visit us at Hall 26, Stand D39 from March 3rd to 8th, 2009.

Light and Light – Introducing the New U and UX Series Notebooks

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Light and Light – Introducing the New U and UX Series Notebooks

An Intricately Crafted Series of Notebooks that Provide Both Contemporary Style and Effortless Computing On-the-go

ASUS, a leader in innovative industrial design, today presented the new U and UX Series, a new range of notebooks that celebrate contemporary styling and effortless elegance. Each of them a masterpiece so immensely desirable, the U and UX Series takes modern day computing to the streets, bringing delight to the users’ senses and allowing them to work or play in style.

Immaculate Design for the Discerning Individual
The ASUS U and UX Series are designed for the modern individual who accepts no compromise when it comes to exquisite taste in high fashion and possesses an eye for the latest trends as well as the intricacies in design. Reminiscent of the streets of Paris with the evening fast approaching, the ASUS U and UX Series’ newly-adopted illuminated ‘chiclet’ keyboard lights up brilliantly, not only providing users with the ability to type in the dark, but its subtle yet assuring glow also reminds the user of the star studded skies above. AI Light sensor technology intelligently detects the surrounding environmental lighting conditions and then automatically adjusts the brightness or dimness of the LED backlit display to provide a comfortable computing experience even in adverse lighting conditions. These features can be found adorning a softly contoured chassis, shrouded in a sleek and sophisticated glossy LCD lid and supported by a frame inspired by the curvature of a butterfly’s wings.

UX Series – Gracefully Slim for Added Lightness
The UX Series’ strikingly slim profile adds to an impressively minimalistic approach to avant garde notebook design. A slot-in optical disc drive helps the UX Series to maintain its elegant profile, while a contrast of matte and gloss finishes provides a sense of both sophistication and boldness.

U Series – Delight in Style and Substance
To further complement the illuminated ‘chiclet’ keyboard, the U Series sports an equally illuminated and interactive touchpad which sends a trail of progressively fading lights to pinpoint the location of the users’ fingertips while delighting the senses. Powered by an Intel® Core™2 Duo processor which provides the muscle for extensive multitasking and productivity, the U Series is equipped with a hard disk drive of up to 500GB, providing more than ample storage for documents and multimedia. An energy-efficient 15.6-inch LED backlit display powered by a dedicated NVIDIA® GeForce® G 105M with 512MB memory provides users with stunning visual performance for presentations and entertainment while utilizing very little power. Combined with Altec Lansing speakers—equipped with SRS true surround sound that provides high definition audio—the svelte U Series is truly an all-rounded performer for any occasion or a night out in town.

ASUS at CeBIT 2009
For more details about our highlighted products, please come visit us at Hall 26, Stand D39 from March 3rd to 8th, 2009.

Feel the Power with ASUS’ Xtreme Phase Power Design

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Feel the Power with ASUS’ Xtreme Phase Power Design

ASUS’ Brand New P45 Motherboards Utilize Peak Power Efficiency to Deliver Unparalleled Performance and Durability

ASUS, the world leader in motherboard production, has released the new P5Q PRO Turbo and P5Q Turbo motherboards. These motherboards are the new models in ASUS’ reputable P45-based P5Q Series and feature a unique Xtreme Phase Power Design to provide exceptional power efficiency. These motherboards are also exclusively equipped with the TurboV and Turbo Key features for easy overclocking options, plus the ASUS EPU and Express Gate functions to let users enjoy unprecedented performance, power savings and instant fun all rolled into one.

Xtreme Phase Power Design for Peak Power Efficiency
The ASUS Xtreme Phase Power Design automatically utilizes more phases to deliver more power. Utilizing more phases actually results in lower average power loading for each phase, allowing more stable power to obtain higher overclocking performance. The ASUS Xtreme Phase Power Design is also able to automatically switch power phases in relation to current loading—ensuring that overall power efficiency is increased. With such increased power efficiency, enhanced stability and smoother operations can be obtained under any loading—as well as the added benefit of reduced power loss—helping lower operating temperatures. The ASUS Xtreme Phase Power Design can thus automatically maximize power, achieve better performance and more stability, enhance power efficiency, and lower temperatures under any loading. Furthermore, the Xtreme Phase Power Design utilizes top quality VRM components available in all ASUS motherboard models, which include: Low RDS (on) MOSFETs, Ferrite core chokes and high quality conductive polymer capacitors—allowing users to enjoy greater component durability and longer lifespans.

Turbo Key and TurboV for Easy and Precise Overclocking
The ASUS Turbo Key is an exclusive feature that transforms the PC power button into a physical overclocking button. Completing the easy setup provides users with the ability to boost performance levels with just a push of a button—presenting users with faster, more powerful performance without interrupting ongoing work or games. For hardcore users, the ASUS P5Q PRO Turbo and P5Q Turbo also feature TurboV, an advanced overclocking tool that utilizes a micro-controller to provide precise 0.02V voltage adjustments. Furthermore, users can save their preferred O.C. profiles and easily apply the best O.C. settings for different scenarios. Now anyone can enjoy performance boosts—without needing to exit the operating system or rebooting.

User-centric Exclusive Technologies
The P5Q PRO Turbo and P5Q Turbo motherboards also feature exclusive technologies that provide power saving options and instant Internet fun. With the ASUS EPU, total system power management is achieved via automatic selection of pre-existing power profiles. The ASUS Express Gate is a new and exciting one-stop gateway to instant fun, and utilizes an alternative operating system that bypasses long boot-up times without entering the default OS.

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